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“No One Performs Better When They’re Tense or Stressed”

Monday, April 6th, 2015

When an individual is relaxed, focused and confident, they’ll always perform at a higher level than if they’re stressed, worried and un-confident. Many think one has to be wired in order to perform better. Not true. Think about it. If a bugler plays taps at an event and is stressed, the chance of missing a note goes up. And… would you rather have a surgeon operate on you if that doctor is stressed, or a doctor that is relaxed and focused? How about when an airliner is making an approach in rough weather – do you want the pilot to be stressed, or to be relaxed and focused?
Remember USA flight 1080? That’s the one where the plane hit a flock of birds on takeoff causing both engines to flame out. But… the pilots safely landed the plane in the Hudson River! Do you remember the common theme of the passenger interviews? Every passenger remarked on” how calm the pilot and copilot behaved.”
Can it be any different for you whether you’re making a speech, a presentation, a sales call or a job interview (which actually is a sales call?) A person that’s confident and relaxed is always more focused and always performs at a higher level. If this is what one desires, this most definitely calls for a way of thinking that is different from the thinking of the past. There needs to be a new norm.
When confronted by disappointment, a problem or uncertainty – the average person’s reflex is to stress. But stressing cuts one off from the only two problem solvers that one possesses – their imagination and creativity. Imagination and creativity are located in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.
If you have any interest in reinventing yourself to move past stress and to utilize your subconscious mind, give me a call.

Casual doesn’t cut it in sales or brain surgery.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

It’s your choice whether you dress for business like you are in business, or like you are a contestant on American Idol or on Entertainment Tonight. You might consider that you could be doing harm to yourself because of how others perceive you. It is an undisputable fact in human behavior that, one cannot perform in a manner that is inconsistent with how one sees themselves. In other words, if you dress casual, you will not only see yourself as casual, but you will perform in a casual manner.
How you dress impacts on how others see you and how you see yourself! If you’re a plumber it makes sense to dress like a plumber. That works out okay for everyone. But if one is a business person and one dresses like a plumber – management, your colleagues and your customers will see you as a plumber.
To be a great actor, one must “get into” their role. The actor must see them self as the character they’re playing. Charlie Sheen makes the news for his off camera behavior. Charlie Sheen is known for portraying a certain type of character, but off the screen, Charlie continues to play those characters in his personal life. The line blurs with Charlie in his mind between acting and how he lives his life. There isn’t any difference.
A thirty seven year old man came to see me at my hypnotherapy practice in Atlanta. He wanted an important position in his company. He just couldn’t understand why he and his ideas weren’t being taken seriously by the senior management . I asked him “what kind of work do you do.” Are you an engineer or a technician?” I was surprised when he informed me that he was in sales but he wanted to be a liaison between his company and “C” level executives with his company’s clients.
I asked him “is today your day off?” He replied he had come from work and was returning to his office. I asked him “is the way you’re dressed today your typical work attire?” He replied “Is there something wrong with it?” I asked him why at the age of thirty seven; he wore his hair in a spike hair do with a hint of fire engine red coloring on one side, sneakers, jeans and a golf shirt. He said” he had the right to dress however he wanted.” I agreed that he did have this right, but his appearance was such, that he looked like he should be working on his company’s loading dock not the executive suites. “If the CEO of your company doesn’t dress the way you do for work, why should you?” He responded that “he wanted to be cool.” He was clueless as to how to dress for business. Why would management want to trust his judgment with their clients when his judgment showed he didn’t know how to dress for business? He did not want to look the part, and since he was unwilling to change… he never got the promotion. He did get to continue making his statement, whatever that was, to the world though.
Another man of about forty two years of age, wanted to “change the direction of his life.” He was dressed very casually and had a scraggily Scooby Doo beard. He slumped in the chair and I asked him “in what way do you want to change your life?” He replied “I want something in management in my company and I would like to date sophisticated women.” I advised him “try dressing for business and you’ll notice a marked difference in how management treats you and also in your social performance.”
Performance is based on how people see themselves. When they see themselves as casual, they perform in a casual manner. Most people when they relax wear casual clothing. Again… one cannot perform in a manner that is inconsistent with how one sees themselves.
Does a man that’s between jobs, and sits around in his undershirt, shorts, a three day beard and flip flops see himself as a powerful man in business or someone that’s unemployed?
Haven’t you noticed that man or woman that is impeccably groomed and appropriately attired for their career and position, is also always on time, is also well organized, well spoken and in control of themselves?
If one’s results in business and sales are less than one desires, one might consider re inventing themselves, not just in how they dress, but in life. If that is the case, give me a call and we will help you with all of the components that you will need to succeed!

Hypnosis… the ultimate tranquilizer!

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Hypnosis is non harmful. It’s non addictive. There is no danger of overdose. There are no adverse side effects. Tranquilizers on the other hand are addictive, and the longer one takes them, the more one will require to realize the same effect. One will lose their sharpness and focus. Also, there is a distinct danger of overdose with tranquilizers, but people keep on taking them. Not only do they think that they’re beneficial, but possibly they suffer from side effects that they might not even connect back to the tranquilizer.
Everyone that has experienced hypnosis for the first time describes it as “truly wonderful,” “the most peace I’ve experienced in years,” “more relaxed that I can ever remember being”. Have you ever felt that way from a chemical tranquilizer? Of course not! Tranquilizers are designed to dull our minds – and they sure do that, but they also dull drive and motivation as well. You can’t dull one without dulling the others.
It has been repeatedly demonstrated that eight minutes in hypnosis is equivalent to about three and a half hours of really refreshing sleep. Three and a half hours! What would that do to an individual’s ability to be focused? Unlike chemical tranquilizers, an individual does not lose motivation or their ability to focus and their sharpness as a result of hypnosis.
There are no negative side effects to hypnosis. Hypnosis is not something that is done to an individual – it’s about that person allowing themselves to relax physically, to relax emotionally and allowing themselves to relax mentally. The very nature of hypnosis is tranquility, serenity and being at peace. The Alpha and Theta minds – the parts of the subconscious mind that can only be accessed deliberately through hypnosis, is where we find that serenity, tranquility and peace. All hypnosis is, is the subject allowing certain things to take place. Our Beta mind is our fully engaged conscious mind. We are not going to find serenity and tranquility there, only in our subconscious mind, and hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.
What scarier time is there than having surgery or the anticipation of having surgery? I’ve hypnotized individuals before surgery and in the OR itself during surgery with no chemical anesthesia being used! Now… if an individual can be totally relaxed, and not experience any discomfort or fear in the operating room while hypnotized, don’t you suppose that it can enable them to relax at other times as well? Like before a speech or whatever? Remember there is nothing… nothing that we can do better while we are stressed.
Individuals can also be taught self hypnosis in my practice at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change in Atlanta Georgia. Call me if you have any interest in relaxing without drugs!

Why not consider a career in hypnotherapy?

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Did you know that the metro Atlanta population is around 5,5000,000 individuals? Did you know that hypnotherapy is far more effective than conventional talk therapy? Did you know there are probably not more than fifteen to twenty full-time hypnotherapists in Atlanta, Georgia? This vital growing metropolis is under-served by hypnotherapists.
I’m Bob Crow, I’m a hypnotherapist. I’m board-certified in both clinical and medical hypnosis. I was introduced to hypnotherapy because I had a weight problem that I was unable to fix with conventional diets. I was very much overweight. When I politely refused a chocolate mousse on a flight to Atlanta because I was trying to lose weight, the gentlemen beside me suggested that I seek a hypnotherapist. A hypnotist? I immediately had visions of Boris Karloff movies where the evil professor placed people under his spell. He cautioned me to find one well-qualified – not someone who took a three-hour hypnosis course in a motel ballroom put on by an out-of-town promoter.
I went to a well-qualified hypnotherapist, and not only did I lose my excess weight and keep it off, but I was so impressed that I studied hypnosis and attacked the science of hypnosis and behavioral science with a vengeance. The world has turned many times since that event, and I have been a full-time practicing hypnotherapist.
Along with my colleague Inga Chamberlain, I am a co-founder of the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change. We also formed the Atlanta Center for Hypnosis Training.
Is your job at risk? Has or is your company considering downsizing? Are you bored with your job? I’m addressing this in large part to individuals who feel that they are at a point in life where they’re ready for a mid-course correction. Maybe some wished that they would have zigged instead of zagged at some point in life!
Many attempt to become financial planners to make a living. Many! In fact, of the 5.5 million people in metro Atlanta, sometimes it seems as though 5 million of them are financial planners! Multi-level marketing? Despite the stories of those who make millions doing little or no work, in actuality, it’s close to impossible to maintain a sustainable income in multi-level marketing. I did say sustainable. Individuals who are able to make a good income from website design are also rare.
Would you like to help others and at the same time make a good income? If so, we invite you to consider either a full-time or part-time career as a hypnotherapist. After completing our 300-hour intensive course, you will become certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists – the world’s largest body of professional hypnotherapists.
Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827. Website – www.atlantacenterforhypnosistraining.com

The Difference between a Goal and a Resolution

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Every year at this time people begin to ponder the parts of their life they wish to change.  Usually by January 1st they have come up with a list of those changes.  They commit to change on New Year’s Eve after a few glasses of champagne.  For some that’s it.  They might not even remember them the next day, but most will bring them forward to the first week of the New Year.   They may even write them down.  These are their resolutions for the next year. Now here is the problem.  Goals, at least ones that will make a difference in your life, are hard.  People go back to work, credit card bills from the holidays and family issues and all their good intentions fly out the window.  If you have a life, then one worthwhile goal at a time is probably all you can handle.  However, most resolutions are not in the form of well written goals.  They are usually short, general and lacking any real detail.  In order to make a change and have that change become reality you must have a clear vision. Begin by choosing one goal.  Since you are going to focus on just one it should be important to you, the kind of goal that can change your life.  For example let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. To write out this goal it is important to know more than just a number dong fang qi mo.  I like to use SMART goals as a template. Specific: I want to lose 50 pounds. Measurable: I want to lose 50 pounds in 1 year at a rate of approximately 4 lbs. per month. Achievable:  The goal is an achievable and accepted weight loss goal and should not be difficult.  I will keep track of current calories consumed and cut 500 calories per day from my current diet and that will equal one pound of weight loss per week.  At that rate I should lose approximately 50 pounds in 1 year. Realistic:  I will adjust calories if I plateau so that the weight loss continues at 1 pound per week rate. This goal becomes even more realistic by developing a daily exercise habit.  I will be realistic and start with 20 minutes of walking 6 days per week.   I will add to this as my fitness level increases.  I will also check into a gym or home equipment so that the weather and boredom does not become an obstacle. Timed: 1 year is the time allotted to this goal.  Because this goal is SMART, all I need to do is stick to the plan. When you read back over this goal now, you can see that it fits all the SMART criteria and makes sense in a way that the original resolution did not.  When you use a structure to write your goals they become a viable goal with a plan implicit and that will make all the difference.


Monday, September 9th, 2013

Did you know that root canals, childbirth, cystoscopic bladder examinations and colonoscopies can be easily accomplished without the conventional anesthesia that uses chemical agents? Painless child birth? Painless surgery? Painless cystoscopic and colonoscopy examinations? Some new breakthrough? Not at all. In fact the history of using hypnosis as anesthesia is quite interesting.

The roots of hypnosis were in medicine, not entertainment. In fact all of the early practitioners were medical doctors and scientists. In the mid 1800’s, Dr. John Elliotson, Dr. James Esdaile and Dr. James Braid, to name but a few of the early pioneers of Hypnothesia, used hypnosis as their sole anesthesia for surgical procedures.

Dr. John Elliotson who held a chair at the University College in London performed 1853 surgical procedures using hypnosis as the only anesthesia. What kind of operations are we referring to? Appendectomies. Amputations. Bowel resections. Breast removal. Hemorrhoid removal. Prostate surgery. Civil surgeons of both the North and the South performed amputations utilizing hypnosis when ether and laudanum were not available.

Hypnosis was considered to be far safer than laudanum, chloroform and ether, as how much of these agents could safely be used without killing the patient, was yet to be determined. The blood pressure cuff would not be invented for another forty years.

Dr. William S. Kroger was an American doctor cross disciplined and specializing in OB, GYN, general surgery and neuroendocrinology. Dr. Kroger demonstrated the use of hypnosis as the sole anesthesia on the surgical removal of a breast tumor on closed circuit television to several medical schools. Another surgical event was filmed when he removed an enlarged thyroid gland. After the hour long procedure, the patient got off the OR table and asked for a drink of water and then got in her wheel chair for the ride back to her room. She was quoted as saying “I felt no pain. I could only feel pressure and what seemed like a tugging at my throat.” Dr. Kroger used film to capture painless childbirth as well. These films were used as teaching aids for medical schools and hospitals. He also produced the film Hypnosis in Dentistry. His book, Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis became the bench mark text on medical hypnosis. It is still the definitive text on the subject thirty years after its publication. Through his seminars and writings he changed the perception of hypnosis from entertainment to being a respected medical option and therapy.

Dr. Milton Erickson, MD was considered to be the founding father of modern hypnotherapy. He utilized hypnosis in not only his psychiatry practice, but in instructing countless dentists and medical doctors in pain mitigation and painless dentistry.

This writer is far from advancing the premise that all surgeries should be done without the chemical agents used in anesthesia. However, for routine child birth, dental procedures including root canals and extractions, cystoscopic exams and colonoscopies it gives one an incredible alternative to conventional anesthesia. We invite calls from you, your medical doctor and your dentist to see if this might be something for you and your medical professional to consider.

If you have an interest in Hypnothesia, I invite you to call Bob Crow, 404.277.1827 at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Reinvention… the antidote for job or career disruption.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

I’ve had individuals contact me for a variety of job and career related issues. Some have suffered from the downsizing of the company where they worked. Some from their job being eliminated. Some from termination or being forced to take an early retirement.water slides for sale

I’m Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist board certified in both clinical and medical hypnotherapy. I see people for a variety of performance and behavioral change issues at The Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

What happens to an individual when one’s skills or position are no longer in demand or appreciated? What emotions might one experience when their world has been turned upside down? Panic? Terror? Denial? Many are paralyzed by fear.

Our only two problem solvers, our imagination and creativity are not located in the conscious mind, but in the subconscious mind. When an individual is confronted with a problem, or uncertainty or disappointment, the natural reflex is to become stressed. And when one is stressed, they’re cut off from their imagination and their creativity. And when they are cut off from their imagination and creativity, they can’t see a way out.

I’m amazed when I see some individuals keep trying to get rehired to do the same job that they’ve lost! It’s like they believe that that job was the only thing they’re qualified to do. They’ll try to get rehired doing what they used to do for years. They want to stay in what had become their familiar zone. Notice I didn’t say their comfort zone. Comfort zone is a term coined by the “pop psychologists”. As I found so many people miserable in this so called comfort zone, I renamed this comfort zone to more accurately reflect what it truly is. I call it the familiar zone.

When rats are placed in a large maze with food at the end of it, they quickly learn the path to get to the food reward. When they are placed in the maze they scramble to get to the food. Day after day after day, they run the maze to get to the reward.  But what happens if the reward is taken way? (Isn’t that like losing a job?) Well, the rats run the maze for about three days and then they stop running the maze. I’ve often wondered if that proves that rats are smarter than people, because people often keep trying to get the job that they once had. The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years until they finally stop trying.

If your old job or career has been eliminated, and you’ve been unsuccessful in finding another one just like it, is there any reason not to move on and … reinvent yourself? To find a better opportunity? Why not allow your subconscious mind, that’s the one that’s 90% stronger than your conscious mind, to see you doing something different, more rewarding and more exciting. Life is meant to be lived… not just endured! One simply cannot make the necessary behavioral changes required for a richer and fuller life in the conscious mind. We all have an automatic pilot that keeps us doing what we’ve been doing, and seeing ourselves a certain way.  Behavioral scientists call it our cognitive maps. Our cognitive maps are located in our subconscious mind. Therefore the only place one can change or modify these maps in order to reinvent ourselves, is in the subconscious mind.  Thinking positive thoughts won’t do it as that is a process of the conscious mind. Neither will just being up get it done. You must access your subconscious mind to make real permanent behavioral change. To see yourself as who and what you want to be, not as who you were!  Understand this…hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

I invite you to call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a consultation to explore the power of your own subconscious mind. Why not reinvent yourself into the future that you want… not settle for one that isn’t?

Weekends… a chronic weight loss enemy that needs to be defeated!

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

My name is Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist board certified in both clinical and medical hypnosis.  Hypnosis is not our only therapy… but by far it’s the most effective. I work with those that desire to lose weight through hypnosis, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many of these individuals are tired of the weight loss roller coaster and seek a permanent weight loss solution through hypnosis in Atlanta. The program consists of three phases and it’s most important to finish all three to assure permanent weight loss. The three phases are the weight loss phase. The re feeding phase is where some of the foods that weren’t available in the weight loss phase are re introduced under controlled conditions. And lastly, the maintenance phase which enables one to not regain the weight they’ve lost.

Those that stick to my program seven days a week – have great success. You noticed that I said seven days. Not five. Not six. But seven days a week. But most people when they’ve tried conventional weight loss programs, took the weekend off! But if you take the weekend off, whatever calorie deficit achieved through the week, will be lost on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Many that say they’d like to lose weight have been doing it that way for years, but with no lasting long term success. The eating cues most often come from events or places.

What is it about weekends that causes most diets to tank? Well on the weekends the daily routine is changed. Many get up later which allows their blood glucose to drop to lower levels than it would be when they get up through the week. They eat later and absent mindedly eat what they shouldn’t. With their daily routine changed the opportunity is there to eat foods that aren’t in the weight loss phase. Samples available at Costco and other grocery stores. Tail gate parties, weddings and ball games. Also if they go to the mall, they are off their eating schedule, so they go to the food courts located in the malls.

One’s weekend might start this way. Friends are met after work. The friends get there before you do and order drinks and chips. Before you arrived, you were determined not to eat what’s detrimental to you, but the appetizers and maybe your favorite drink await you. And… well a couple of nachos won’t hurt. Will they? Actually yes. When one eats the foods that they shouldn’t in the weight loss phase, they’ll re-awaken their desire for those foods and won’t be able to eat just two, or three or four chips or whatever it is.

One of your new behavioral changes will be to view food as fuel for your body and mind! The old you, viewed food as entertainment, something to make you or feel better or something to do. So if you hang out people on the weekends that still look at food this way, you’ll do what they do. You’ll eat! And if you eat the things that put the weight on you in the first place, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll destroy your hard won week’s progress. By the way…don’t make your weight loss program a topic of table conversation either. Friends don’t know how to lose weight and keep it off. They only have opinions!

Is there a way to break the cycle of five weight loss days followed by the diet destroying days on the weekends? Yes there is! It’s hypnotherapy. Hypnosis will enable you to not want to take the weekend off and to avoid many of the things that you did to sabotage yourself in the past. If you’re serious about losing excess weight and want to make the behavioral changes that will enable you to do so, I invite you to call Bob Crow for a complimentary consultation to get you onto the road to your last weight loss program ever!

You’re still smoking? Really?

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Do you have a wish to die a slow and scary death? What is wrong with you? In addition to dying from emphysema, there are many types of cancer in addition to lung cancer that one may die from. Depending on which studies that you read, there are between 5000 to 7000 carcinogenic agents in every cigarette. Your lungs and bronchial airways absorb these agents. The contaminated blood carrying these carcinogens is then pumped throughout the entire body!

Therefore in addition to contracting lung cancer, an individual may die of testicular, ovarian, bladder, breast, brain, pancreatic, kidney, liver cancer and the list goes on and on. What percent risk is acceptable to you for contracting one of these killers – 75%, 60%, 50%, 5%? Pick one. You’re gambling with your life. To ignore the chance of a debilitating lifestyle or an early death is not really that smart. Is it?

And how about a stroke? When you smoke, you are a blood clotting machine. When you smoke you constrict the blood vessels in your brain by 40%. When a blood clot is released and it goes north into your brain – bingo – you have a stroke. I wonder what the worst thing about a stroke would be. Not being able to talk? Not being able to walk? Not being able to feed yourself? How about not being able to clean yourself up after a bowel movement? Of course you might have only a mild stroke. Maybe your face might be the only thing that is paralyzed. Maybe it would be limp on only one side. Who wants that?

I’m Bob Crow, a Behavioral Therapist practicing in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.. I know that I cannot make you give up smoking. I know that. This article is strong. I know that too. I could not get my father to give up smoking. He always thought that he would have the time to give up cigarettes. But he ran out of time. He died of lung cancer. I could have enabled him to become a non smoker, but he chose to wait too long.

I know you’ve tried to stop smoking…probably countless times. You might have even tried Chantix tm, gums and shots. What you haven’t tried is Bob Crow to enable you to become a non smoker! Bob Crow is a Behavioral Therapist board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. There’s a huge difference in trying to stop smoking with whatever willpower and discipline your conscious mind can muster, and becoming a non smoker with the power of your subconscious mind. You will not be climbing the walls.

Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 to learn about his three session program to become a non smoker. You… your family and your friends will be glad that you did!

Have you ever really done your best? Really?

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

In this chapter we’re going to discuss how individuals that have developed certain skills whether it be in sales, sports, public speaking, playing the piano, acting or whatever, that are performing below their skill level, can benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. Using hypnosis will enable one to change how they see themselves performing. Hypnotherapy will sharpen their skills and their abilities and will bring about startling improvements in their performance.

When a person analyzes their performance they are doing so with the beta or conscious mind. The nick name for the conscious mind is the critical mind. Interesting isn’t it? Have you ever really done your best? Really? Have you ever wanted to do your best, but came up short? Have you ever had the feeling deep down, that maybe you could have done better? That something was holding you back? That possibly… just possibly, even though you didn’t mean to or want to, that you were somehow sabotaging yourself? Unwittingly… you probably were. Most people’s belief system in their abilities has been corrupted by others opinions of them, including parents and family as they were growing up, by what has been said to them.

I’m Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist practicing in Atlanta GA. I’m board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. A great deal of my practice is performance oriented. I work with people that wish to improve their performance in sports, sales, weight loss, public speaking, marital relationships, family relationships, and work place relationships – in fact anywhere they wish to excel – hypnosis will be very beneficial.

How a person sees them self is the most determining factor in how they’ll perform. If one sees themselves in their subconscious mind as an average or a below average performer, no matter how much motivation or training they receive, they will perform in an average or below average fashion. Period. If our subconscious sees us as having limited abilities – that is how we will perform.

Why doesn’t “psyching” yourself up – work? It’s because when one attempts to psych themselves up; the only tool at their disposal is the conscious mind. But… that isn’t where the lack of confidence and limiting beliefs are located! Those beliefs are located in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind. Therefore to bring about the desired increase in performance, one must work with the subconscious mind, and the only way that the subconscious mind can be accessed deliberately is through hypnosis. That’s why hypnosis is known as the bridge to the subconscious mind.

I have individuals that come to see me because they want to be able to speak in public. With hypnosis, I work with them not just to be able to deliver the speech without messing up – but to make a truly exciting, interesting and compelling speech. You can’t do that unless you see yourself as a great public speaker in your subconscious mind.

We’ve discussed how trying to psych yourself using your conscious mind can’t work long term and short with any discernible amount of difference. So in whatever area of your life, where just trying harder didn’t seem to make any appreciable difference, call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary consultation. We’ll visit about what you are wanting to improve at and you can determine whether you want to utilize the power of hypnosis – not to just do better, but to excel!