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How to Excel with Sports Performance Hypnosis

Sports performance hypnosis is one of the secrets of Olympic athletes and professionals. The parallels between business and sports are many. Whether it’s excelling in business or in sports, the mind is the first tool to use, not the last. We have all experienced a lecturer instructing us “don’t think of a pink elephant for five seconds.”Impossible.   Nothing changes until we change our mind. The subconscious is where we must go to change behavior and break habits.  Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

You’ve seen tennis players ace a serve or golfers play a scratch game of golf. Do they really have that much more on the ball than you? Do they have that much better of a physical build than you? Of course not. You’ve seen people in the business world or your profession make 5 times or more income a year than you. Is there some area that they are really superior to you in? Are their people skills that much better than yours? Again, of course not.

But, they are using their mind more effectively.  They have gotten rid of anxiety, they are confident and focused.  They don’t think about hand position or swing when they are really “in the zone”   They are using their subconscious mind more effectively.

Have you even woken up in the middle of the night with a solution to a problem? That’s your subconscious working! Why not put it to work when you’re awake as well? Hypnosis is the key to getting results. We’re designed for excellence, but many accept mediocrity as their lot in life. it’s like having a race car with a 200 mile per hour capability, but it will only go 15 miles per hour though, because there’s a governor on the engine.

You say, “okay, Bob Crow, I want to increase my income substantially, or I want to be the very best there is in my field, or I want to be a scratch golfer, or a tennis opponent to be feared, or a great jazz singer or whatever it is that you want to be the best at, where do I start?” Eighty-eight percent of your mental functioning is in your subconscious mind when you play sports, do you really want to only utilize twelve percent of your brain? Do you really think that the super performers of sports, business and entertainment, whether they admit it or not, don’t use their subconscious mind to excel? The way to tap into the subconscious is through hypnotism. Call for a complimentary consultation.


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