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Hypnotherapy… the ultimate in business coaching!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

My name is Bob Crow and I’m a behavioral therapist. I’m also a hypnotist that’s board certified in both clinical and medical hypnotherapy. In the course of a week, I’ll work with individuals whose presenting issues range from addictions, alcoholism, weight loss, lack of confidence, fears and phobias, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, sport and sales performance and relationship counseling. Some come specifically for life and or business coaching. But… there is also a crossover where people initially want to work on one issue, end up asking for assistance in business, sales performance and life coaching as well.

As I lecture around the country, I’m frequently asked by corporate management just why there doesn’t appear to be a long term benefit to conventional talk coaching, despite the fact that there are some really great coaches out there. It comes down to where the information is processed in the mind – the conscious or subconscious. When the data is processed in the subconscious mind, the mental imprint of this material will be conducive to permanent behavioral change.

Whether a person is listening to a speech, a tape, reading a book or going through a conventional talk only coaching session – they are processing the material in their conscious mind. But… permanent behavioral change can only take place in the subconscious mind where one finds their memory banks, habits, moods, personality and their cognitive maps. Without accessing the subconscious mind and allowing the data to be imprinted there – there will be no permanent behavioral change. Period.

Despite the fact that the average individual enters hypnosis seven to ten times a day, the only way to access the subconscious deliberately is through hypnosis as hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious.

I’m a hypnotist. I use hypnotism because it works! Business or life coaching, unless the coach utilizes hypnotherapy, can have only short term and limited success as the conventional coach attempts to make permanent behavioral change in the conscious mind. Obviously we need to talk in order to find out what’s broke, but if talking is the only therapy, life or business coaching will not enable permanent behavioral change to be made. Permanent behavioral change will not take place in the conscious mind. Permanent behavioral change can only takes place in the subconscious mind as that’s where both good and bad habits and behaviors exist.

If you are not satisfied with your performance in any area of your life – call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 and let’s visit about it. You might want to consider reinventing yourself!

Salespeople – are your sales sliding, sinking or sunk? Do you feel stuck?

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Many thoughts run through an individual’s mind every day. We call these thoughts – self talk. In fact studies indicate that we all experience 50 to 60 thousand of these thoughts or self talks per day. Studies indicate that 80% of these thoughts are negative. When we’re worried, when sales are off, when we’re fearful or full of doubt, these negative self talk conversations are destructive. Negative self talk is an assault on an individual, and they overwhelm one and do not enable one to be productive. It robs an individual of confidence, self assuredness and belief in one’s self. It depresses and paralyzes. It causes one to waste time in unproductive “busy work”.

This negative self talk will further depress sales. Some of the defeating self talk is:

  • What if I can’t pay my bills?
  • What if I’ve lost the ability to close business?
  • What if I get fired?

And… the list goes on and on. My name is Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist. In fact I’m a hypnotist. I’m board certified in both medical and clinical hypnotherapy and I’ve been working with salespeople to improve their performance in sales and thus their income for over 25 years.

You’ve read the positive books. You’ve listened to the positive tapes. You’ve gone and heard the great speakers, you’ve memorized the slick slogans and clever closes. Yet here you are today. Why hasn’t all of that positive input had long term improvement?

It’s because the tapes, books and speeches are processed in the conscious mind. But… and this is a biggie – no one can make permanent behavioral change in the conscious mind. Period! Our personality, our habits, our moods, our memory banks are located in the subconscious mind. Our habits and when and how we do things are located in our cognitive maps and they are located in subconscious mind. And… the only way that we can access the subconscious mind deliberately is through hypnosis. As hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind!

In hypnosis, we enable an individual to convert negative self talk to positive self talk which yields greatly improved performance. If you want to perform better and to excel, call me Bob Crow, for a consultation at 404.277.1827. You have nothing to lose but your negative self talk.




Why not consider a career in hypnotherapy?

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Did you know that the metro Atlanta population is around 5,5000,000 individuals? Did you know that hypnotherapy is far more effective than conventional talk therapy? Did you know there are probably not more than fifteen to twenty full-time hypnotherapists in Atlanta, Georgia? This vital growing metropolis is under-served by hypnotherapists.
I’m Bob Crow, I’m a hypnotherapist. I’m board-certified in both clinical and medical hypnosis. I was introduced to hypnotherapy because I had a weight problem that I was unable to fix with conventional diets. I was very much overweight. When I politely refused a chocolate mousse on a flight to Atlanta because I was trying to lose weight, the gentlemen beside me suggested that I seek a hypnotherapist. A hypnotist? I immediately had visions of Boris Karloff movies where the evil professor placed people under his spell. He cautioned me to find one well-qualified – not someone who took a three-hour hypnosis course in a motel ballroom put on by an out-of-town promoter.
I went to a well-qualified hypnotherapist, and not only did I lose my excess weight and keep it off, but I was so impressed that I studied hypnosis and attacked the science of hypnosis and behavioral science with a vengeance. The world has turned many times since that event, and I have been a full-time practicing hypnotherapist.
Along with my colleague Inga Chamberlain, I am a co-founder of the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change. We also formed the Atlanta Center for Hypnosis Training.
Is your job at risk? Has or is your company considering downsizing? Are you bored with your job? I’m addressing this in large part to individuals who feel that they are at a point in life where they’re ready for a mid-course correction. Maybe some wished that they would have zigged instead of zagged at some point in life!
Many attempt to become financial planners to make a living. Many! In fact, of the 5.5 million people in metro Atlanta, sometimes it seems as though 5 million of them are financial planners! Multi-level marketing? Despite the stories of those who make millions doing little or no work, in actuality, it’s close to impossible to maintain a sustainable income in multi-level marketing. I did say sustainable. Individuals who are able to make a good income from website design are also rare.
Would you like to help others and at the same time make a good income? If so, we invite you to consider either a full-time or part-time career as a hypnotherapist. After completing our 300-hour intensive course, you will become certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists – the world’s largest body of professional hypnotherapists.
Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827. Website – www.atlantacenterforhypnosistraining.com


Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Worry is often debilitating. Worry is always about the future. Worry can cause our physical body to react in a negative manner with gastro-intestinal problems, headaches, skin problems and worse. Worry can rob one of sleep. Of peace-of-mind. Of a sense of well being. Worry can cause one to be distracted and unable to concentrate. Worry can cause one to stress – and no one performs at the top of their game when they are stressed. Worry takes the joy out of life.

In an attempt to stop worrying and comfort themselves, many use other distractions. Some use drugs. But in addition to hard drugs and antidepressants, there are many other drugs. We call them drugs of choice. Overeating. Alcohol. Spending money. Sexual addiction. A drug of choice is anything that will distract one from worrying. None of them work long term.

So why worry? How many times have others or you told yourself – “just stop worrying”. Right. Easier said than done. Saying to yourself “stop worrying” is a command to your conscious mind. You’ve tried to stop with the will power and discipline of the conscious mind, many times. It didn’t work. Since worry emanates from the sub conscious mind – that is where one must deal with it.

Our subconscious mind is where we find our personality. Our personality is how we see ourselves relating with others. Our habits, our moods, our memory banks and our emotions reside there. Our subconscious mind daydreams. And when that daydream contains doubt and fear… we worry. To overcome worry, we must access the subconscious mind.

How is one to access the subconscious mind deliberately? How do we get there on purpose? There are many ways that we access the subconscious mind without trying. If we drive past our exit on the interstate, we did it in our subconscious mind. If we get lost in a fiction book, we’ve accessed the Alpha mind – that’s the first level of the subconscious mind. The next level of the subconscious mind is the Theta state. The only way to access the subconscious mind on purpose – is with hypnosis. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

My name is Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist. I use hypnosis in my practice in Atlanta, Georgia to enable people to deal with problems that have their root cause in their subconscious mind. If you want to defeat and move past worry, I invite you to call me at 404.277.1827.

Reinvention… the antidote for job or career disruption.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

I’ve had individuals contact me for a variety of job and career related issues. Some have suffered from the downsizing of the company where they worked. Some from their job being eliminated. Some from termination or being forced to take an early retirement.water slides for sale

I’m Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist board certified in both clinical and medical hypnotherapy. I see people for a variety of performance and behavioral change issues at The Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

What happens to an individual when one’s skills or position are no longer in demand or appreciated? What emotions might one experience when their world has been turned upside down? Panic? Terror? Denial? Many are paralyzed by fear.

Our only two problem solvers, our imagination and creativity are not located in the conscious mind, but in the subconscious mind. When an individual is confronted with a problem, or uncertainty or disappointment, the natural reflex is to become stressed. And when one is stressed, they’re cut off from their imagination and their creativity. And when they are cut off from their imagination and creativity, they can’t see a way out.

I’m amazed when I see some individuals keep trying to get rehired to do the same job that they’ve lost! It’s like they believe that that job was the only thing they’re qualified to do. They’ll try to get rehired doing what they used to do for years. They want to stay in what had become their familiar zone. Notice I didn’t say their comfort zone. Comfort zone is a term coined by the “pop psychologists”. As I found so many people miserable in this so called comfort zone, I renamed this comfort zone to more accurately reflect what it truly is. I call it the familiar zone.

When rats are placed in a large maze with food at the end of it, they quickly learn the path to get to the food reward. When they are placed in the maze they scramble to get to the food. Day after day after day, they run the maze to get to the reward.  But what happens if the reward is taken way? (Isn’t that like losing a job?) Well, the rats run the maze for about three days and then they stop running the maze. I’ve often wondered if that proves that rats are smarter than people, because people often keep trying to get the job that they once had. The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years until they finally stop trying.

If your old job or career has been eliminated, and you’ve been unsuccessful in finding another one just like it, is there any reason not to move on and … reinvent yourself? To find a better opportunity? Why not allow your subconscious mind, that’s the one that’s 90% stronger than your conscious mind, to see you doing something different, more rewarding and more exciting. Life is meant to be lived… not just endured! One simply cannot make the necessary behavioral changes required for a richer and fuller life in the conscious mind. We all have an automatic pilot that keeps us doing what we’ve been doing, and seeing ourselves a certain way.  Behavioral scientists call it our cognitive maps. Our cognitive maps are located in our subconscious mind. Therefore the only place one can change or modify these maps in order to reinvent ourselves, is in the subconscious mind.  Thinking positive thoughts won’t do it as that is a process of the conscious mind. Neither will just being up get it done. You must access your subconscious mind to make real permanent behavioral change. To see yourself as who and what you want to be, not as who you were!  Understand this…hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

I invite you to call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a consultation to explore the power of your own subconscious mind. Why not reinvent yourself into the future that you want… not settle for one that isn’t?

Courting or Courtroom?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

It’s been said that marriage counseling is either the first or the last step toward divorce. In conventional marriage counseling the counselor acts as an umpire.  Instead of fighting in private, they now have an audience! Perhaps this is good training for a reality television show!  Somethings have been revealed to me in counseling and in life.  One – you cannot change anyone else. Period. You may try love. You may try withdrawing love and even withdrawing sex, but you cannot manipulate or bring about change in anyone but yourself.  Two – you can never win an argument with someone you love or care about. You can hurt them.  You can point out how they are wrong. You can even make your point… but you will never win an argument. Think about this.

When we were two years old we went into “the terrible twos.” That was when we developed an agenda. It never coincided with anyone else’s,  but we tried. We felt that if we could only get our way in the world… we would be happy. How we tried. We manipulated. Some times with temper. Sometimes with anger. Sometimes we withdrew our love or warmth.  We learned how to show “conditional love. “If you give me my way, I will love you or be nice to you.” Our behavior was based on the concept of conditional love. Conditional love became one of our main tools in the continuing battle for what we believed to be our right… happiness. We felt that if things only went our way, we would be happy. When things did go our way, we weren’t happy. We’d moved on to something else that if we got our way in… we would then be happy.

It didn’t work then, and it hasn’t worked yet. It never will. Unfortunately, many of the people who are married – shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.  Before they got married they knew that there were deficiencies in the other person that weren’t acceptable. But… they really liked or though they liked a lot of qualities in the other person, and  knew that if they could only bring about the changes in the other person that they desired, everything would be okay. We still hadn’t learned the concept of unconditional love. If playing nice didn’t work, we withheld nice… just like when we were a child. If love didn’t work, we withheld love… just like when we were a child. And then as an adult we withheld intimacy. We actually inter spaced that with threatening divorce. Not much different from saying “I hate you” to your parents or grand parents or to your friends.

We grew into adulthood with the concept in our head that if we got our way, we’d be happy. And we strove to get our way then and now, regardless of the consequences to anyone else.

How do we then change our mate? You’re not going to like this but we first start making changes in ourselves. One immediately quits condemning, complaining and criticizing. Furthermore, we discontinue threatening divorce. Many couples begin this threat soon after they get married. At that point they really aren’t contemplating it, but it is a tool designed to hurt. And it did and it does. Is there a way to salvage our relationships in a win win scenario. Actually there is.

A film was released called “Fireproof”. It showed the deterioration of a young couple’s relationship and marriage. The film was on target. If getting our way is the only way that we can be happy… and if unconditional love instead of conditional love is a concept that we won’t buy into, there isn’t much that can be done.

Remember when you were courting each other. You were considerate. You respected each other’s desires and opinions. You were thoughtful. You were caring. You always put your best foot forward. But when you were sure that you had captured the other person – you began to take them for granted. This could well have happened before you got married. But, there was a certain momentum going and anyway it was too late to stop things as the invitations had gone out.

Your first and foremost objective  should not be to cut and run. If you want to fix your marriage, it is counter productive to spend great amounts of my time and your energy attempting to prove just how wrong, how unjust, and how unfair your mate is. Once both of you have stated your case, and you’ll have plenty of time to do so, what is needed is to move on and fix things. I am not going to sit there each session and be a referee. What is the point in that? Once again – the relationship needs fixed… not rehashed. In all but a very very few cases, not only will the relationship be saved… but it will be much much better than it ever was before. I’ve never seen a troubled relationship where it was all one persons fault. What if your focus was to change deficits in you and let your partner change their own deficits?  We all have them. Wouldn’t it change the dynamics of the healing process? It was stated earlier in this article that you cannot change the other person. You really can’t.  There are many many things that can be done to save most marriages… as long as the parties do not let false pride get in the way and they both give it a 110% effort.  Once again, fixing blame is not as rewarding as fixing the relationship!

If you want to save your relationship call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary appointment.