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Hypnosis… the ultimate tranquilizer!

Hypnosis is non harmful. It’s non addictive. There is no danger of overdose. There are no adverse side effects. Tranquilizers on the other hand are addictive, and the longer one takes them, the more one will require to realize the same effect. One will lose their sharpness and focus. Also, there is a distinct danger of overdose with tranquilizers, but people keep on taking them. Not only do they think that they’re beneficial, but possibly they suffer from side effects that they might not even connect back to the tranquilizer.
Everyone that has experienced hypnosis for the first time describes it as “truly wonderful,” “the most peace I’ve experienced in years,” “more relaxed that I can ever remember being”. Have you ever felt that way from a chemical tranquilizer? Of course not! Tranquilizers are designed to dull our minds – and they sure do that, but they also dull drive and motivation as well. You can’t dull one without dulling the others.
It has been repeatedly demonstrated that eight minutes in hypnosis is equivalent to about three and a half hours of really refreshing sleep. Three and a half hours! What would that do to an individual’s ability to be focused? Unlike chemical tranquilizers, an individual does not lose motivation or their ability to focus and their sharpness as a result of hypnosis.
There are no negative side effects to hypnosis. Hypnosis is not something that is done to an individual – it’s about that person allowing themselves to relax physically, to relax emotionally and allowing themselves to relax mentally. The very nature of hypnosis is tranquility, serenity and being at peace. The Alpha and Theta minds – the parts of the subconscious mind that can only be accessed deliberately through hypnosis, is where we find that serenity, tranquility and peace. All hypnosis is, is the subject allowing certain things to take place. Our Beta mind is our fully engaged conscious mind. We are not going to find serenity and tranquility there, only in our subconscious mind, and hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.
What scarier time is there than having surgery or the anticipation of having surgery? I’ve hypnotized individuals before surgery and in the OR itself during surgery with no chemical anesthesia being used! Now… if an individual can be totally relaxed, and not experience any discomfort or fear in the operating room while hypnotized, don’t you suppose that it can enable them to relax at other times as well? Like before a speech or whatever? Remember there is nothing… nothing that we can do better while we are stressed.
Individuals can also be taught self hypnosis in my practice at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change in Atlanta Georgia. Call me if you have any interest in relaxing without drugs!

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