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You’re still smoking? Really?

Do you have a wish to die a slow and scary death? What is wrong with you? In addition to dying from emphysema, there are many types of cancer in addition to lung cancer that one may die from. Depending on which studies that you read, there are between 5000 to 7000 carcinogenic agents in every cigarette. Your lungs and bronchial airways absorb these agents. The contaminated blood carrying these carcinogens is then pumped throughout the entire body!

Therefore in addition to contracting lung cancer, an individual may die of testicular, ovarian, bladder, breast, brain, pancreatic, kidney, liver cancer and the list goes on and on. What percent risk is acceptable to you for contracting one of these killers – 75%, 60%, 50%, 5%? Pick one. You’re gambling with your life. To ignore the chance of a debilitating lifestyle or an early death is not really that smart. Is it?

And how about a stroke? When you smoke, you are a blood clotting machine. When you smoke you constrict the blood vessels in your brain by 40%. When a blood clot is released and it goes north into your brain – bingo – you have a stroke. I wonder what the worst thing about a stroke would be. Not being able to talk? Not being able to walk? Not being able to feed yourself? How about not being able to clean yourself up after a bowel movement? Of course you might have only a mild stroke. Maybe your face might be the only thing that is paralyzed. Maybe it would be limp on only one side. Who wants that?

I’m Bob Crow, a Behavioral Therapist practicing in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.. I know that I cannot make you give up smoking. I know that. This article is strong. I know that too. I could not get my father to give up smoking. He always thought that he would have the time to give up cigarettes. But he ran out of time. He died of lung cancer. I could have enabled him to become a non smoker, but he chose to wait too long.

I know you’ve tried to stop smoking…probably countless times. You might have even tried Chantix tm, gums and shots. What you haven’t tried is Bob Crow to enable you to become a non smoker! Bob Crow is a Behavioral Therapist board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. There’s a huge difference in trying to stop smoking with whatever willpower and discipline your conscious mind can muster, and becoming a non smoker with the power of your subconscious mind. You will not be climbing the walls.

Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 to learn about his three session program to become a non smoker. You… your family and your friends will be glad that you did!

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