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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy performed by a qualified hypnotherapist is the key to quickly overcoming anxiety.  Whether your anxiety is during tests, driving, social interactions or low level constant anxiety hypnosis can help you.

Anxiety, makes life unpleasant, can cause severe physical symptoms, bring on various real ailments and even attack the immune system. Many people who want to stop smoking or lose weight have anxiety. In the extreme, some are so overcome with anxiety that they no longer will leave their house. This is called agoraphobia.  It has been shown that chronic anxiety can shorten one’s life by constantly triggering stress hormones.  Stress hormones and inflammation are the underlying cause of many syndromes, like irritable bowel, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.   Once a person’s anxiety hits a certain level they begin to have panic attacks.  Hypnosis is one of the best drug free options for anyone suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Whether an individual suffers generalized anxiety disorder, from specific present day situational anxiety, vague and uneasy feelings of anxiousness or panic attacks  hypnosis is the only therapy that will enable an individual to move past these types of anxiety permanently.

The cause of most anxiety has nothing to do with an actual problem.  Most anxiety is coming from negative thinking patterns.  The continual focus on problems instead of solutions is the type of thinking that causes anxiety.  Most that suffer from anxiety find themselves literally crippled in their daily lives including with how they deal with family and friends, their work relationships, worrying about the safety of their family, their finances and the list goes on and on.

Many people have a form of anxiety that only occurs during tests.  They have test anxiety and whether they are taking the bar, medical boards, sitting for their CPA, SAT, FAA exams including private pilot, sea plane, instrument, or multi engine ratings – utilizing several hypnotherapy sessions is far far more productive than “cramming” for exams and hoping to just pass. Wouldn’t it be nice to “ace” a test rather than just get by?

So if your are debilitated by, or held back by or sabotaged by any kind of anxiety, call for a complimentary consultation to determine whether you want to move past anxiety through hypnosis 404-277-1827.

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