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Running scared…

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012


Hypnosis for anxiety can help you if :

You ever have a vague feeling that somethings is about to go wrong?

The idea of expressing your opinions at work frightens you?

The thought of meeting people that you don’t know cause you to be anxious?

A voice mail from your supervisor saying “call me” scares you?

In my hypnotherapy practice in Atlanta Georgia, I hear all of the above complaints and fears and more!

When you are stressed anxious or depressed, you reduce your problem solving ability by at least 90%! You can’t even think straight! You weren’t born scared, and through hypnosis – you don’t need to live scared. You weren’t born anxious. You never had panic attacks when you were two. Neither did your mouth become dry at the thought of speaking – you just spoke!

In fact you were born with only two fears… loud noises and falling backwards. everything else, good or born was taught and learned. Sometimes the teacher was a parent, saying things like – “don’t you climb up that tree, you’re going to get hurt”. Sometimes it was a grandparent, an aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling, teacher, friend and the list goes on and on. Actually you were born with confidence  and had confidence until it was taken away from you with questions like – “Just who do you think you are?” or “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Those destroy a child’s confidence. It’s better just to say to the child… “don’t do that”. That would make it clear that the child shouldn’t be doing something. Clinical studies show that over 90% of those graduating from high school have an inferiority complex.

A person with confidence doesn’t have anxiety. Those that suffer from anxiety describe it as paralyzing… debilitating. It causes procrastination. Anxiety, along with making life unpleasant, can cause emotional problems, severe physical symptoms and can bring on various real ailments and attack the immune system. Some people can’t stop smoking due to their level of anxiety. In the extreme – some are so overcome with anxiety that they’ll experience conversion disorder – an emotional problem that manifests itself with physical symptoms like not being able to walk. Clinical studies have shown that chronic anxiety can shorten one’s life!

A 13 year old boy was brought in by his parents that had been diagnosed with conversion disorder. He could not walk. He’d had both full neurological and psychiatric studies. In his hypnotherapy sessions, we identified and then neutralized the emotional trauma that had caused his conversion disorder. Today, he not only walks, he runs. He ran in the 2012 Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia. Some are so crippled with anxiety they are afraid to leave their home… that’s caused agoraphobia.

A CEO of a large corporation presented with a fear of public speaking. He was a polished, intelligent gentleman that didn’t get where he was in life without being confident. Yet… he had a fear of public speaking. In a Class II Theta hypnosis state he recalled being humiliated by the teacher when he messed up a presentation in the fourth grade. The teacher and the entire class laughed at him and made fun of him. Now he’d forgotten this incident of so many years ago in his conscious mind, but his subconscious mind remembered it and he was terrified of messing up in front of an audience again. Through hypnotherapy, he was able to move past that incident, and today he’s a sought after public speaker. Hypnosis will enable us to identify and then move past the problem.

One of Atlanta’s very top eye surgeons referred one of his patients to me, a 55 year old man that was deathly afraid of needles. The eye surgery couldn’t be done without anesthesia and the patient wouldn’t let them put a needle in him. The gentleman had no idea why he was afraid of shots and needles. In a Class II theta state, some refer to this as regression, the source of his fear surfaced. His father had been a doctor. His mother who was the disciplinarian didn’t believe in spanking. So from the time he was a very small boy, she’d threaten him with getting a shot as punishment. She’d describe how excruciatingly painful the shot would be, and if he wasn’t a good boy, he’d get a shot. Unbelievable!

As we mentioned, anxiety exacerbates and can causes real physical problems such as Crohn’s Disease and Irritable bowel Syndrome or IBS. How can hypnosis mitigate those symptoms? The autonomic nervous system which resides in our subconscious mind, controls eye blinking, breathing, pulse, blood pressure and the entire gastrointestinal track. Through hypnosis, we’re able to access the autonomic nervous system, to allow the digestive system to become calm and the spasms to relax. Crohn’s Disease and IBS respond extremely well to hypnotherapy.

Whether an individual suffers from general anxiety, from specific situational anxieties, vague and uneasy feelings of anxiousness, or an incident or incidents from childhood – hypnosis is the only therapy that will enable an individual to move past these types of anxiety permanently.

You learned fears and doubts… and through hypnosis… you can unlearn them! Just visualizing in the conscious mind that the problem will go away with positive thinking cannot bring about the needed behavioral change. However, guided visualization with hypnosis will access the subconscious mind where the fear is located, then the behavioral change will occur.

I invite you to call me for a complimentary consultation to come in and visit about your anxieties. If you have a friend or a loved one that suffers from anxieties, you have no idea what they are trying to deal with. You might even think that they should just get over it… but it’s not that easy for them. Encourage them to read this article.