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Chemo Side-effects

Chemo Side Effects
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Pain management



Hypnosis is a great tool for moving past the nausea and fatigue of chemotherapy. Those that must under go chemotherapy are counseled by those that are administering it that “they should expect to feel tired and experience nausea”. And then they do. They were given a powerful negative suggestion by the administrator. The person that indicated that they going to feel bad, made this suggestion with good intentions. They didn’t want the person that was to undergo chemo to feel that the side effects were unusual, so they tell them to expect them! That is a suggestion. They will now expect those side effects!

Hypnosis deals with suggestions to the subconscious mind, and those suggestions have proved to be beneficial for medical purposes for well over two hundred years! Hypnotic suggestions allow people to quite smoking, quit drinking, to experience painless dentistry and to make permanent behavioral changes in their lives . Hypnotic suggestions are used to enable individuals to undergo colonoscopys¬† and cystoscopic examinations without either pain or discomfort! Isn’t this incredible? Doesn’t it make sense that if hypnosis will allow one to undergo medical procedures that normally are conducted with anesthesia without discomfort, these same types of suggestion while in hypnosis, will allow a person relief from the nausea and fatigue of chemo?

I routinely see those that are seeking relief from the symptoms of IBS or Crohn’s disease. Are we saying that we have found a cure for them? Of course not. But isn’t it pretty cool that they can live their lives without the pain, the dysentery, the discomfort and the fear of an attack?

If you or someone you know is undergoing chemo or about to, give me a call for a complimentary consultation.

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