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The Compensatory Eating Cycle

I see people that want to use hypnosis for weight loss at my practice in Atlanta Georgia.

Compensatory eating is a rationalization, that by skipping a meal, a person creates a calorie deficit, that they can tap into that, will allow them to later eat more of, or the wrong foods. This is an imagined calorie deficit! Rationalizations are lies we tell ourselves that look stupid to us later.

A person that skips breakfast figures that they can eat a bigger lunch and that it will even out. It won’t.

Compensatory eating starts out with a conscious decision to eat less or skip a meal! It puts a chain of events into place.

This is going to be a perfect day weight loss and exercise wise. In an effort to lower your calorie consumption, you skip breakfast this Saturday morning. Big mistake. You’ve set yourself up to fail. You go for a long walk and come back 75 minutes later with your blood sugar so low you can hardly remember your name and so hungry that you want to eat everything in the house. With your blood sugar low and being so hungry, you make another bad decision and you eat a couple of the kids Pop Tarts. While waiting for the shower to get warm, you grab a couple of oatmeal cookies. You shower, but the guilt hits within moments. You ate two foods that are simple carbohydrates, so you will continue to want to eat.

You go to the bank and stop at Wendy’s – grab a cheeseburger, a medium fries and of course a “diet” coke. Well even though your therapist advised you that with your weight, height and target weight, you should only be consuming 1000 calories a day in the weight loss phase, the Pop Tarts and cookies put you at the 1200 calorie mark and the fast food meal added another 1180, so now you are at 2380 and it’s not yet noon! Not to worry, you decide to fast for the rest of the day.  These self defeating behaviors will change through the power of hypnosis for weight loss.

But you ate simple carbohydrates and they do two things – they make you gain weight and worse they make you want to continue eating. It’s Saturday night and although you had decided to fast for the rest of the day, the simple carbohydrates that you ate earlier have kept you eating chips and snacking for the rest of the afternoon.

You feel guilty for pigging out all day, so to make yourself feel better, you start out with a glass of chardonnay at dinner. Wine is a simple carbohydrate, but in addition to putting on weight (one average glass equals about a pound and a half a month in weight gain or eighteen pounds a year), but being a simple carb it will make you continue to crave more simple carbs plus… it lowers your inhibitions and blows the rest of the day – diet wise. At dinner you had the rib dinner at 3960 calories and at least 300 calories more in alcohol. But you did skip dessert. Ever wonder why you don’t lose weight?  Hypnosis for weight loss will make you more conscious of your behavior which makes it easier to change.

Monday morning and you skip breakfast and lunch in an effort to make up for a weekend of bad eating. By the time someone brings Mexican to the break room, your blood sugar is again so low that you eat to feel better. Of course you ate more simple carbohydrates to feel better and we know what that does. And the beat goes on. Day after day after day after week after month after year. If you feel that you are in a cycle of not being able to lose weight permanently, give me a call. We can fix it!  Hypnosis for weight loss gives you the ability to use your subconscious mind to change the negative behaviors much more easily.

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