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Don’t give into a “whats the use I’ll start again tomorrow day”.

You had a great week going diet wise.

You ate right Monday.

You ate correctly Tuesday.

The same on Wednesday.

Ditto Thursday.

No slip ups on Friday. Wow!

Saturday morning and you are still on track.

However. You went grocery shopping after breakfast on Saturday and even though you promised yourself that you wouldn’t, you did have a sample at the grocery store. Well, “one sample can’t hurt, besides it wasn’t that many calories.” But, you circle back and have another. When the sample lady wasn’t looking you grabbed another. The guilt is starting to set in. Now you go past the sausage samples and grab a couple. It is meat. Right? Next come the pizza samples and you grab two this time. Telling the lady that you are taking one for your husband or wife. You eat them both. “I am not going to eat anything else.” But… the lobster dip with crackers is too hard to resist. So are the little cookie samples. Likewise the pieces of truffles.

You stand in the checkout line and mentally add up the calorie and carbohydrate damage. You are sick. You are angry at yourself. You feel guilty. You’ve really ruined your diet. You’ve ruined a whole weeks worth of diet. You feel depressed and you are upset with yourself. What you really want to do is make yourself feel better. You are going past the snack bar and say the words of defeat and self sabotage. “What’s the use? I’ve totally ruined the day diet wise. I’ll get a couple of pieces of pizza at the snack shop. And I’ll really give it 100% tomorrow.” “That will make me feel better.” You do. It does. It makes you feel better… for two or three minutes.

Sound familiar? Isolated incident? Or is this part of a pattern that you have followed for years. Why can’t you lose weight?

The answer is simple. You are trying to lose weight with the willpower and discipline of your conscious mind. That simply can’t be done. Try and think of someone you know that has lost weight and kept it off for a couple of years. Let me repeat. One cannot lose weight and keep it off by using the discipline and willpower of the conscious mind. It doesn’t matter what diet you use, if you are trying to lose weight in the conscious mind, with only willpower and discipline going for you, it will not work.

What is the solution? Hypnosis. You need to change your behavior, and you cannot make behavioral change in the conscious mind. Behavioral change can only be made in the subconscious mind. The subconscious is where you find your behavior, your personality, your memory banks, your moods and your habits. It’s where your cognitive maps are located. The cognitive maps guide us through our automated behavior. It’s where our inclinations to act come from.

No one overeats because of  nutritional concerns. Everyone who over eats, does so for emotional reasons. They are upset. They are sad. They are angry. They are worried. They feel lonely. They want to feel better. Wouldn’t it be better to find out why you are overeating and fix yourself? Make the correction? Many confuse eating healthy with losing weight. You can put on fat by eating healthy too.

Are you serious about losing weight? If you are committed to losing your weight and keep it off for the rest of your life call me. Most, if not all of my Atlanta, Georgia weight loss practice, are men and women that have repeatedly attempted to lose weight their entire life. Once your subconscious mind is on your side, and your inclinations change, you will be thrilled with your permanent weight loss. I offer a complimentary  consultation to see if hypnosis will work for you! Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 to lose your weight and keep it off.

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