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What Makes a Bad Parent?

Is it possible that parents could be enabling certain harmful or even destructive behaviors in their offspring? They will say, “I never meant to make them that way.” “I’ve always tried to make my children happy and give them what they wanted.” In many cases, those things were the things that the parents couldn’t and didn’t have as children themselves. “Could I have made my child a Gen Zer?” Most likely… yes!

And what is a Gen Zer child or young adult like anyway?

  • Of the Gen Zers found in the USA, 64% are subscribers of Communist China’s TikTok. That’s 64%!
  • Gen Zers are almost always online. A bare minimum of 6 hours per day
  • They do not like “face-to-face” or in-person people situations. They don’t make good salespeople, public relations people, police officers, preachers, or anyone else who must interact with others.
  • They experience feelings of being afraid.
  • They experience feelings of anxiety, panic, and strangeness when absent from their media devices.
  • They do not like to face the consequences of their actions.
  • They are firm believers in the climate change hoax.
  • Gen Zers are generally anti-commitment.
  • Gen Zers lean towards socialism, liberalism, and communism.
  • Gen Zers tend to want immediate gratification.
  • Gen Zers for the most part, are afraid of heterosexual relationships. It’s called heteropessimism!
  • They fear failing, so they most likely won’t even try!
  • Gen Zers are afraid to buy a car or house. They feel safer taking Uber or renting an apartment. Gen Zers tend to be afraid of everything.

The Gen Z child is partially the result of the hovering parent or helicopter moms as we now call them. That is when the parent is attempting to take all of life’s challenges or potential hurt out of their child’s life. And whatever they do… they never want to make their child do anything that the child doesn’t want to do! That is not what real life is about.

We also have the parent that is too distracted by career or other activities to pay hardly any attention to the needs of their children.  There has to be a balance between being a hovering helicopter mom and having the time to properly raise the child!

We will discuss this aspect of child rearing further on in this article. Next week.

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