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These Trying Times

People come into come into my office complaining about “these trying times”. I think that they must hear that from television. I’ve been around long enough to have experienced depression, recessions, wars, police actions, epidemics, riots and what have you. It seems to me that the generations that experienced those things just kept their head down and lived and worked instead of complaining about “these trying times”.

An individual came into my office that had been referred to me by several clients that I had previously worked with. I have a program that we call Reinventing Yourself. I asked him “what had brought him into the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change?”  He told me that “he was burned out.” I told him “If you are already burned out, I will not be able to help you.” He said, “and then he named three individuals that I had worked with, they said that you helped them.” I said “but those individuals that you named didn’t tell me that they were burned out.” “Burned out is past tense and there is nothing that we can do to fix the past”.

“Now if you are only scorched, then through the power of hypnotherapy you will be able to make the needed permanent behavioral changes that will give you a richer, more successful and fuller life!” He said “I guess then that I am only scorched!!!”  

We discussed the goals in his life and then we worked on them through hypnotherapy. It turned out that as many others I’ve worked with, he had had a rough childhood, followed by a betrayal by his first wife. We have been working together for several months and through the power of hypnosis he has achieved many of his goals. Remember hypnosis is a process – we can’t zap someone, but we can enable them to make permanent behavioral change.

He now sees himself as the man that he wants to be. That’s big because we can’t perform in a way that’s inconsistent with how we see ourselves!  

Dr. Bob Crow, Ph.D.                                                                  

Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change

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