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Another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

I’m Bob Crow a behavioral therapist, board certified in medical and clinical hypnosis that works with individuals using hypnosis for weight loss in Atlanta, GA. I see eight people a day that want to lose weight with the powerful tool of hypnotherapy. I would imagine that none of these people set out to become overweight on purpose. It happened gradually, maybe two pounds, ten pounds or even much more year after year after year. They make futile attempts at cutting back on what they eat, but since they continue to eat and crave trigger foods, that doesn’t work.  Hypnosis for weight loss helps these individuals to think and feel differently about food.

If you are like the millions of other Americans with a weight problem, you have added yet more weight this year. In fact the average American puts on between three to eight pounds every year just during the holidays!!! After fifteen years, a person’s weight could be 60, 90 pounds or even much more. Many that come to see me for permanent weight loss are 100 pounds overweight. Obviously that’s unhealthy. The high fat – high sugar – high salt foods that not only make one heavy, also make the chances of contracting colon cancer, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease,  Type II Diabetes and other life threatening diseases extremely high.

Being aware of the negative impact on their health, self confidence and ability to enjoy many facets of an enjoyable life, millions of people year after year make a New Year’s Resolution which always is a futile attempt to lose weight. Some go to the gym and try to exercise it off, but the math just doesn’t work. There isn’t enough time in a day to take off the weight with exercise alone. Others try the latest silly diets. It seems everyone is looking for a way to lose weight effortlessly. The average diet lasts less than seventy two hours!

Those that come to me for weight loss  hypnosis in Atlanta, Georgia learn that real behavioral change is the answer. They also learn that it is impossible for one to make permanent behavioral change in their conscious mind. The emotional cues like – worry, stress, anger, sadness, loneliness coupled with the trigger foods are embedded in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind that cause the overeating cycle – will be neutralized during the hypnosis sessions.

The goal is to be fit, trim and healthy. That will lead to a more confident and enjoyable life. If you are ready – call Bob Crow for weight loss through hypnosis.

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