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Why don’t and why can’t conventional diets work for permanent weight loss.

Conventional diets can’t and don’t work for permanent weight loss. They never have and they never will. Why not? Because conventional diets attempt to deal with the emotional and physical food cravings with the willpower and discipline of the conscious mind. But those cravings aren’t located there, they are located in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind. To deal with these issues, one must work with the subconscious mind, and hypnosis is the only way to access the subconscious mind deliberately. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

Overeating and thus excess weight gain is a symptom of something else going on in the persons life. Unless the emotional cues are dealt with and put behind the person, and also the types of foods that cause one to want to overeat are eliminated during the weight loss phase, the conventional diet is doomed to failure.  In fact most individuals that want to lose weight, have been on so many conventional diets… they can’t remember them all!

Individuals do not overeat because their body is calling for more nourishment. They over eat because they are sad, worried, stressed or any number of other emotional reasons. They eat hoping to feel better… to be comforted… we even called the foods – comfort foods! But the “comfort” that this type of eating brings, doesn’t last very long – generally it’s only a matter of moments until the guilt sets in and the person feels even worse. Then they eat some more – and then the guilt… well you see the pattern and get the picture.

I see those that want to lose weight on a daily basis. We attack the overeating on at least two fronts. One – the emotional cause or causes. Two – eliminate the foods the give cues to overeat. The desire to overeat from the physical cues that stimulate over eating, will generally disappear in four days. That leaves us the time to discover the emotional cues and enable the person to move past them.

My three part weight loss program will include addressing celebratory eating, overeating while under the influence and absent minded eating. Again – this is not just another diet in the incredibly long list of conventional diets or “secrets” to dieting, our objective is permanent weight loss.

Many many people that are in the hospitals have done it to themselves by overeating. It happens, but you don’t see too many “skinny” people with colon cancer, gall bladder problems, sleep apnea, Type II Diabetes, heart disease and the list goes on and on. It happens, but quite often people do in fact bring on poor health.

Most people initially want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons only. But wouldn’t it be cool to be trim, fit and healthy as well?

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