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Need to… or want to – which is more important?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

My name is Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist that is board certified in both clinical and medical hypnotherapy. I practice in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

With hypnotherapy it’s impossible for me to make someone do something that they don’t want to do – stage hypnosis shows to the contrary. Hypnosis therapy will enable an individual to make behavioral changes that they want to make. There may be changes that they need to make, but wanting to make them is more important than needing to make them. The want to needs to be stronger than the need to!

For example – the evidence is undisputable that cigarette smoking does cause several kinds of cancer in addition to lung cancer. The 5000 to 7000 carcinogenic agents in every cigarette are absorbed by the blood in the lungs. This blood is pumped throughout the entire body. Hence one can also contract testicular, ovarian, bladder, breast, kidney, liver and well you get the picture. The important thing is for a smoker to not only know that he or she needs to stop smoking, but more importantly that they must want to stop smoking as well.

An obese individual knows that a high fat, high sugar and high simple carbohydrate diet can bring on and exacerbate diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer and heart disease. The most important thing is not for an individual to know that they need to immediately change their eating choices and habits, but more importantly that they want to change their eating behavior.

If a person wants to make a behavioral change, hypnosis by a qualified hypnotherapist most definitely is the best choice. The smoking and overeating habits reside in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind, therefore resolutions to stop smoking or eat healthier and in the correct amounts won’t enable the individual to change because that person is trying to accomplish that with their conscious mind. Long term – that simply cannot be done. Remember – your want to must be greater than your need to!

I invite you to call me, Bob Crow for a consultation for any area of your life that you feel needs behavioral change. Call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

About taking action

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Hypnosis is the remedy for failing to take action. Rarely does one continue to not take action for any other reason than fear. Kicking the can down the road, preparing and over preparing, delaying for just the right moment are all nothing more than procrastination. Period. Rationalization is just lying to yourself! An individual paralyzed by fear will most often dispute and deny this is the case. They continue to come up with reasons – actually their excuses to delay the action that they need to take. Of course they vehemently defend that they’re avoiding taking this action.

Why doesn’t reading self help books and listening to positive CDs help? It’s because those efforts can only access the conscious mind! But… the fear that keeps one from taking action is located in the subconscious mind!

Quite often the individual wanting to sell someone something will have one coffee meeting after another without ever… asking for the business! They don’t want to ask for the business, because the individual that they’re selling to might… say no! An individual paralyzed by fear doesn’t realize it, but by putting off taking the action or asking for the order, they feel that they can’t be turned down, so therefore they haven’t failed!

If you think that this might be something that you need to confront, call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary consultation. Bob Crow is a behavioral therapist, board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. Bob Crow is a co founder of the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

Fears and phobias and hypnotherapy

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

My name is Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist practicing in Atlanta Georgia, board certified in medical and clinical hypnosis. What is the difference between a phobia and a fear? A phobia is an unreasonable fear such as riding in an elevator, claustrophobia or agoraphobia which is being afraid of leaving one’s home. In general all phobias should be eliminated. Some fears are healthy – I’m afraid of sticking my hand in the cage of a lion at the zoo. That fear keeps me safe.

With the exception of being afraid of loud noises and falling backwards, we are born fearless. We aren’t born afraid of heights, snakes, making sales calls or public speaking. We are taught those fears, often by well meaning parents, relatives and others that influence us negatively. A young child spends the first five years of his or her life mainly in their subconscious mind. Anything and everything negative or positive that is told to the child about themselves goes straight into the child’s cognitive maps. The cognitive maps are a combination of auto pilot and guide. Kind of a “this is what I know and believe”.  At this point, everything they’re told about themselves – good or bad… they will believe because the minds filter, the conscious or “critical” mind which allows them to select what they want to believe isn’t developed yet. So… limiting beliefs are accepted as gospel.

No amount of rational thought or positive thinking can counter fears or phobias, because rational thought is a function of the conscious mind… but the limiting beliefs and or self opinions are located in the subconscious mind in those cognitive maps.

So where does one go to negate fears of public speaking or a phobia of riding an elevator? The only place is the subconscious mind. And… hypnosis is the only way that we can access the subconscious deliberately. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

If you have a fear of public speaking or any other fear that you want to move past, or if you have a debilitating phobia, contact Bob Crow at the Atlanta Center for behavioral change – 404.277.1827.