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Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, is the inability to get an erection or to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction characterized by: ejaculation that always occurs before or within one minute of vaginal penetration and/or the inability to delay ejaculation with vaginal penetration. This is embarrassing to the man and frustrating to the woman.   Quite often it causes the initiation or avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Performance anxiety is a form of psychogenic ED, usually caused by just the thought of either not becoming erect, maintaining an erection or performing sexually in a satisfactory manner. Both of these cause embarrassment, humiliation and wanting to avoid sexually intimacy.

We are going to only discuss the emotional or psychogenic causes of ED – rather than high blood pressure, occluded arteries, chronic alcoholism, Type II diabetes, obesity, certain medications, old age and or other physical or organic problems. It’s estimated that 35% to 50% suffer from ED.

Specifically we will address ED in men from the age of 20 year of age and into their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.  This article will be dealing with the number one cause of ED and that generally stems from an incident where the man failed to maintain an erection or where he was not able to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. The incident brought about a lack of confidence and a fear of failure. Depression, anxiety and stress are huge factors in ED and PE. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in mitigating and moving past those emotional issues.

When a boy is 12 years, or 14 years old his sexual equipment always works with never a thought or doubt. Why is that? It’s because there is no pressure on him to perform. And… he always gets an erection until the first time that he doesn’t. That is generally when he’s in his twenties or beyond.

Sometimes an 8, 10 or 14 year old boy has an erection when he doesn’t even want to have an erection. He might be just sitting in church or school and without any sexual thoughts or stimulation, he has an erection.

But what happens when he wants an erection and doesn’t get one? He always was able to have an erection before. Why can’t he get one now? The problem is that he remembers the humiliation, emasculation and embarrassment from Erectile Dysfunctions or ED that he has had in the past. He often thinks about those failures whenever he attempts to have sex again and every time thereafter. The doubt is always there and that keeps him from performing sexually.

Those memories and doubts can be erased through hypnotherapy sessions. Generally weekly sessions of hypnotherapy will yield the best results and restore the man to being able to perform without fear.

ED is not rare; in fact it is very common.  The Massachusetts Male Aging Study revealed that in a population of otherwise healthy men aged 40 to 70 years, 52% of these men regularly suffered from ED.  Further It was estimated that, in 1995, over 152 million men worldwide experienced ED.  Of course some of that was from advancing age and the body’s deterioration from old age or illnesses. For 2025, the prevalence of ED is predicted to be approximately 322 million men worldwide.

Other studies show that ED affects about 50 percent of men over the age of 40 and becomes even more common as men age.

The psychological causes of ED and PE for men in their 30s can include:

  • Sexual performance anxiety
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Fear

The Cleveland Clinic estimates that it’s normal to have trouble getting or keeping an erection for up to 20 percent of all sexual encounters.

Psychogenic means psychological or emotionally based ED and PE. It is more common among men in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Sexual performance anxiety and relationships problems exacerbate and can cause this sexual dysfunction condition. Other causes of ED in the 30s can include unhealthy lifestyle habits such as obesity and drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Just as Hypnotherapy has worked for weight loss, insomnia, smoking cessation, premature ejaculation and so many more issues, it is the most effective and efficient way to move past Erectile Dysfunction.

Dr. Bob Crow is board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. He has an earned Ph.D. in both Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. He has been working with and helping men with ED and PE issues for 25 years.

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