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Vaping and E – Cigarettes

(A short course in destroying one’s brain)

Many believe that E-Cigarettes only contain harmless water vapor. This is not so. And that assumption can be a fatal assumption. The only use of vaping is to rebel, and that’s about it! E-Cigarettes and vaping are known as the rebellious syndrome

Most individuals, unless they are “contrarians” would not chose to go to work in a toxic environment that contained carcinogenic agents and other harmful chemicals, yet they willingly introduce the solvents, oils and incredibly harmful substances that drop deep into the lungs. And once they are there… they are there. Let’s take a look at what is found in an e-cigarette. Actually even the e-cigarettes that claim to be free of nicotine, contain nicotine!

If the following poisons and carcinogenic agents were in the air or drinking water at their workplace, the individual would complain and refuse to work at that job.  Here is what is found in vaping/e-cigarettes:

  • Propylene glycol – found in antifreeze and paint solvent. It is toxic to cells.
  • Acrolein – a herbicide used to kill weeds that will cause irreversible lung damage.
  • Nicotine – an addictive poison that retards adolescent brain development.
  • Carcinogenetic agents – depending on the studies one reads there are from 2000 to 5000 carcinogens in e-cigarettes.
  • Diacetyl – a chemical that causes bronchiolitis obliterans.
  • Diethylene glycol – a toxic chemical used in antifreeze. Fatal when swallowed. It says that on the label of every jug of antifreeze. It tastes sweet, that’s why dogs like to lick it off the garage floor. The dog will then die.
  • Heavy metals such as nickel, tin, lead.
  • Cadmium – a toxic metal that causes breathing problems and fatal disease.
  • Benzene – a volatile organic compound that is produced by internal combustion engines and found in the exhaust.
  • Formaldehyde – a poison that causes serious cognitive defect. It also causes lung and heart disease. It is used to embalm corpses and is so strong that the mortician must wear heavy rubber gloves or it will be absorbed right through the skin!!!

What do the demographics of those that vape tell us?

  • They are likely to be under the age of 29 years.
  • They most likely are not college or trade school educated.
  • Their household income is generally $38,000 a year or less.
  • They are most likely heavy users of alcohol.
  • A Yale study shows that those that vape while using alcohol have lower motor skills despite not feeling drunk.

Young adults that are rebellious and want to vape should be rebellious now before their brain’s gray matter is replaced by white brain matter that is dead brain tissue. This is also known as “soft brain”. This is not good!!!

Here is an unfortunate yet interesting fact. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary – 79%… that’s 79% of those that vape, feel safe when vaping. Read on! Possibly they have no interest in allowing themselves to be educated to the downside of e-cigarettes and vaping. And The FDA has not found any… that’s any… e-cigarette to be safe.

Surprisingly, the risks of inhaling secondhand e-cigarette emissions which contain the deadly ultrafine particles and the flavorings (such as Diacetyl) that is added to make vaping taste better, is as deadly as vaping itself. And something to think about socializing with and hanging around those that Vape is not safe as it contains the same level of risks as actually vaping does.

As of this writing, there have been no published studies showing a correlation between vaping and nose rings studs and eyebrow studs. We will keep you posted!

Dr. Bob Crow, Ph.D.

Dr. Crow is a behavioral scientist and board certified hypnotherapist in Atlanta Georgia at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change.

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