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Hypnosis and New Year’s Resolutions

Hypnosis is an incredible tool for weight loss.  The “New Year” is typically a time for resolutions pertaining to health. Many people want to lose excess weight to become healthier.  Stopping smoking is another resolution that is also very popular in January.

Of course the time of year is not the only thing that helps people decide to become healthy.  Many people are motivated by an event or a doctor’s visit.   Some find themselves motivated by a friend or their health insurance bills.

Studies show that the best motivator is to decide to change.  Making a decision is much more powerful than the kind of motivation which comes from outside of you.  This type of motivation is called intrinsic.

When we are intrinsically motivated to lose weight or stop smoking or change in any way, we have a much more powerful sense of determination and commitment than is seen with other types of motivation. We have found within ourselves a strong desire.  This type of desire and commitment helps you to move past the typical obstacles with a goal of this magnitude.  It’s stronger than the obstacles and so the level of success is much higher.

People who describe the experience of finally “deciding” to make a change say that they felt there was no option.  The change was going to happen.  They were determined.  They stopped thinking about it and took action.

The New Year gives us all the opportunity to find that intrinsic motivation.  The symbolic new beginning wipes the slate clean. We leave all our bad habits and behaviors in the past and the New Year is the beginning of a new way of living.

Now is the time to dig down and find your intrinsic motivation.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are  great techniques to find your desires and create an empowered New Year.




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