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Celebratory Eating

It’s your birthday!

It’s Friday!

I’m on vacation!

It’s a picnic!

It’s Thanksgiving!

It’s Christmas!

Okay, just one small piece.

What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t be rude, it was a baby shower.

What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t be rude, it was a wedding.

What was I supposed to do? It was my old boss’s retirement party.

What was I supposed to do? It was my high school class reunion.

How often do I get to have a girl’s night out?

How often do I go on a cruise?

Don’t I have to reward myself for being good once in a while?!?!?

If you don’t move beyond the above kind of thinking, you will never lose the weight that you desire to lose – instead you will destine yourself, to a life of one diet after another until you finally give up.

No matter what the supposed justification or rationalization, the above examples of what I call, celebratory eating, are really just EXCUSES to overeat! You say you want to be thin trim and healthy. In fact you’ve been saying that for years. But if you continue to behave contrary to your weight loss goals by using the above as reasons to snack and overeat – your weight and size will remain the same. If you want to change the way that you deal with overeating – you must do it in your subconscious mind. That way, you absentmindedly eat the right foods – instead of absentmindedly eating the wrong foods. That’s why hypnosis is the perfect solution for permanent weight loss.  The subconscious mind creates automatic behaviors.  Anytime you are in a highly emotional state and eat something, the two become linked in your mind.  Absent minded overeating has worked to your detriment; let’s enlist your powerful subconscious mind and enable you to unconsciously eat right!

In your hypnosis sessions we will link positive feelings to healthier activities.  If you only celebrate or feel good when eating, how can you ever get rid of excess weight?  There are many other activities that can give positive feedback.  Exercise, socializing with friends, reading a good book, playing with your pet etc.  are all activities that are healthier than simply eating.  Nothing tastes better then life!!

We will also use aversion therapy using hypnosis to give you the ability to just say no to the celebratory eating that has sabotaged you for years. Hypnotherapy will give the celebratory over eater an entirely new mindset that will enable them to overcome those moments of weakness.

You’ve tried diets, discipline and willpower for years. If you feel that this is your time and your window of opportunity to finally lose the weight you’ve been wanting to lose for years, and to get off of the constant diet roller coaster, call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary consultation.


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