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Actually, in many ways, Virtual Lap Band is superior to the surgical lap band procedure!

Recently the Dr. Oz television show featured a segment on weight loss utilizing hypnosis. It’s called the virtual lap band or virtual gastric bypass. There are many clear cut advantages of virtual lap band over the surgical procedure for weight loss. The surgical procedure places a foreign object in the abdomen, an object that in many many cases slips up or down. This is something that can’t be fixed at home! This needs to be repaired in the hospital by a surgeon.

Many believe that the surgical lap band procedure is the panacea for weight loss. The reason that it isn’t, is that the underlying cause of an individual’s weight gain is not addressed by the surgery. It’s like taking your car to the repair shop because the engine isn’t running right, but instead of working on the engine, the shop repaints your car. The car looks great, but it still won’t run right because they didn’t work on the problem.

There are many clear cut advantages to our Virtual Lap Band Program using hypnosis, over the surgical procedure where a silicone lap band is surgically placed around the neck of the stomach. Did you know that almost half the surgically implanted lap bands fail and need to be removed? And did you know that one out of every 300 people die from the surgical procedure or complications resulting from it?

As pointed out on the Dr. Oz television show featuring virtual lap band hypnosis, there’s no post operative recovery time, and no one dies from hypnosis!

Three of the most common complications of the surgically implanted lap band are:

  • Chronic vomiting, nausea and reflux. Many patients experience gas even after drinking water!
  • The band may slip up or down, potentially leading to a dangerous condition where one is unable to eat or drink. When a complete stomach blockage occurs, immediate surgery needs to be performed to either reposition the lap band or to remove it entirely.
  • Another common problem is an enlargement of the stomach pouch. Weight gain after the lap band was surgically implanted, is a symptom of this problem and a surgeon will order an endoscopic examination to confirm has suspicions. Then he will surgically correct the problem.

According to an ABC news report, almost all of the individuals that underwent the surgical lap band procedure, gained most, if not all of their weight back within two years! What was broken – their emotional eating behavior, wasn’t addressed!

The surgical lap band procedure is not minor surgery! In a study of 82 individuals that underwent the surgical lap band procedure – 32 suffered major complications! These failures included nine cases of pouch dilation and 23 of lap band erosion. Sometimes the implanted lap band will migrate into other organs. That’s bad. Other complications are:

  • Lack of weight loss.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Constipation.
  • Deflation of the lap band because of a leak.

And… if you’ve overeaten enough in the past to even be considering bariatric surgery, you’ve already stretched your stomach. And if you don’t address the root cause of your overeating, what’s to stop you from overeating after your surgery and stretching your stomach again?

The most important advantage of our virtual lap band program that utilizes hypnotherapy is in addition to having no pain from the virtual lap band and no recovery period, is that you will be making the needed behavioral changes that are absolutely essential to permanent weight loss.

What can one expect with the virtual lap band method using hypnosis as seen on the Dr. Oz television show? Well, we will help you to identify why you’ve been overeating. Through hypnotherapy you will be enabled to move past those eating cues that have been imbedded in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind through the years.

You’ll begin to see food in a different light – as what it was meant to be – as a fuel for the body. Not as something to do when one is stressed, angry, worried or bored!

There are three phases to our virtual lap band program.

  • Phase One is the weight loss phase – through hypnosis you will feel full so much sooner, as reported by the people on the Dr. Oz television program. You will also develop an aversion to and no longer desire the foods that made you heavy.
  • Phase Two is what we call re-feeding. In this phase we will re introduce some foods into your eating regimen in a controlled manner to see how your body responds to and metabolizes them, and to make sure that you don’t gain back any weight by eating those foods.
  • Phase Three is lifetime maintenance. The thrust of our entire program is to enable you to not be dieting for the rest of your life, but instead to eat intuitively in a manner that will enable you to stay trim and healthy.

You’ve probably tried many diets and tried “cutting back” on what you eat, and those methods have not enabled you to lose weight. Neither one has worked. Why? It’s because you’ve tried with the will power and discipline of the conscious mind. Permanent behavioral change must be made in the cognitive maps of the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, you will be able to make the changes in your eating behavior that you desire.

If you are serious about wanting to lose your excess weight permanently, please give me a call for a complimentary consultation.


11 Responses to “Actually, in many ways, Virtual Lap Band is superior to the surgical lap band procedure!”

  1. Debby Southard Says:

    Im interested in learning about how hypnotherapy can help me lose weight. Thank you

  2. Alan Silvers Says:

    I am interested to learn about weight loss hypnotherapy. A man I join for coffee every day had hypnotherapy sixty years ago. I see what he eats and how and when he eats and it is completely different from my practices. His stomach is flat. I have more hair. When I log my food I can loose ten pounds and gain it back each time.

    Of course I have questions about you, how many sessions, the cost of the program and if it is covered by any health insurance.

    I look toward receiving a reply and hope I can find success in hypnotherapy.

  3. bobcrow Says:

    Kindly email me at bob@bobcrowhypnosis.com and leave your phone number or call me at 404.277.1827. I rarely have time to check this site!

  4. gloria Says:

    I would like to learn more about this and the cost also. Is this program covered by insurance?

  5. Marin Moreno Says:

    I’ve been obese all my life with short periods of weight loss I had a gastric y bypass in 2004, but Im now 363lbs. due to I’m paralyzed from a stroke caused by a surgical mishap.

  6. Beth Davenport Says:

    I live near Atlanta and had gastric bypass a few years ago. Sad to say, I have regained most of the weight I lost. How much is treatment. And does insurance cover any of the cost?

  7. bobcrow Says:

    Hello Gloria,
    Send me an email at bob@bobcrowhypnosis and I will answer all your questions.
    Warm Regards,
    Bob Crow

  8. Barbara Strachan Says:

    I would love to hear more about this, and the cost as well.

  9. Barbara Strachan Says:

    Hi I would like to know if this really works?

  10. bobcrow Says:

    Send me an email at bob@bobcrowhypnosis and we can talk about the program costs.
    Bob Crow

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