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Ocean cruises and being thin and trim!

“We just have to go on the cruise. We’ve been planning this cruise for years with Bill and Marie. It will just break their hearts if we don’t go with them.” Well, if in fact it does break their hearts; in all likelihood they will survive it. But are you just be avoiding again, the opportunity for you to lose the weight that you’ve been carrying for a long time? Could this be just another excuse on your part? Do you really even know why you are overweight? Whether you want to accept it or not – it’s for emotional reasons. Instead of thinking about breaking Maries heart, what the about the broken heart that you are experiencing by continuing to be overweight? How about in the private moments of your own life when you are upset, crying and broken hearted about being overweight? Does the concept of setting yourself up to fail at permanent weight loss or self sabotage come to mind?

Ocean cruises? Hello! I can think of dozens of really great vacations that are at least as much, if not more fun. Of course those vacations are not centered around food. Around five to seven meals a day? The brochures show thin people having a great time in their tiny bathing suits playing in the pool. But would you want to be seen anywhere near the pool in a swimming suit? Oh you can pretend you don’t care. You can pretend that as soon as you get home you are really going to get serious about losing weight. But by eating the amount of carbs you are eating on this cruise – you are just setting yourself up for more weight loss failure when you get back home. The more carbs one eats – the more one wants to eat!

Metaphorically speaking, if you want to be slim and trim – don’t stand next to the dessert cart of life. And should you maybe rethink your vacation options? If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, all you can eat buffets on land or sea are diametrically opposed and at cross purposes to your objectives… you are ambushing yourself! (Read the chapters in my book and blogs – Cutting back doesn’t work! and Celebratory eating… or are you deliberately trying to sabotage yourself?

Losing weight and keeping it off, and looking and feeling good and being healthy for the rest of your life, require behavioral change, i.e. you must reprogram the cognitive maps in your subconscious mind about how you think about food. Who do you know that’s dieted and kept any appreciable amount of weight off for two years with willpower and discipline alone? No one. That’s who!

Use of aversion therapy with hypnosis is an incredible tool for the chronic celebratory overeater that has self sabotaged themselves for years. Hypnotherapy will give the overeater an entirely new mindset that will enable them to overcome that moment of weakness.


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