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Embarrased to be in sales?

I’m amazed at the number of people in sales, that are embarrassed to be in sales. They refer to themselves as advocates, as advisers, as counselors, as consultants, as account managers – as anything but a salesman. There is an old and true adage – “nothing happens unless somebody sells something.” That being the case, isn’t being a salesperson be something to be proud of?

So why are so many people that are classified as sales people reluctant to identify themselves as such? Do they themselves look down upon salespeople? Ahh… maybe we are on to something here. On my office wall are found these words. One cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with how they see themselves. If you don’t like the image of what you do and who you are, you will never excel in sales… or anything else.

One can’t be a par golfer if they see themselves as a bogey golfer. One can’t be thin if they view themselves as overweight. One can’t stop smoking if they see themselves as a smoker. And one simply cannot be a great salesman if they themselves look down upon sales as an inferior profession.  It is a conflict that is impossible to overcome when one wishes to excel at something that one hold in contempt.

Have you ever considered that it might not be what you sell, but how prestigious that you, not others perceive it is? Could it be that since maybe the item that you might sell is relatively small or common, that you have a lesser opinion of what you do? If you sold 8 million dollar business jets would you feel inferior or would you feel proud? How would you dress if you sold to the chairman-of-the-board of a truly large company? Would you wear a golf shirt? Or would you dress in the best that you own? Would you wear flip flops or would you wear a nice pair of pumps or highly shined shoes. Read the chapter in my book Harnessing Hypnosis entitled Business Casual??? It isn’t the fact that you are in sales has you bothered; it’s how you perceive what others think about you being in sales that upsets you on some level. Have you ever noticed how convinced you are that the current positive book you are reading hold the missing secret?  The facts are these, no amount of seminars, sales rallies, motivational speeches that you attend or hear… no matter how many and what positive books you read will enable you to make behavioral change. These tools only work in the conscious mind, and you can’t make behavioral change in the conscious mind… only in the subconscious mind.

Just as you were not born afraid of spiders, snakes, heights or public speaking, you were not born looking down your nose at selling. It was programmed without you even noticing it from movies, television, comedians, you mother not wanting to answer the door for door to door salesmen… but you were programmed about sales negatively. Now it’s in your cognitive maps. Those maps reside in your subconscious mind. No amount of positive thinking or motivation will make more than a couple of days dent in that erroneous opinion.  To change that concept you need behavioral change and behavior change cannot be made in the conscious or what is sometimes referred to as the analytical mind. Behavioral change can only be made in the subconscious mind, and the only way for you to access your subconscious mind is with hypnosis. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious.

If you would like to investigate how you truly can excel in sales give Bob Crow a call for a complimentary appointment.

Bob Crow is a behavioral therapist board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. He practices in Atlanta Georgia working with those wishing to overcome stress, panic, phobias, procrastination and fears. With those that wish to perform better in sports, sales, public speaking, to stop smoking, to lose weight permanently, to quit sabotaging relationships and any other area of behavioral change that would make life more enjoyable.

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