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About improving your life…

People come to see me because they want to improve some area of their life. Maybe they want to lose weight. Weight they’ve been trying to lose for years! To stop smoking, improve their golf, get better at sales or become a better public speaker. Maybe they even want to improve their relationships!

Everyone wants their life to improve. Many just don’t grasp that in order for their life to improve, they must change their behavior. Behavioral change must take place in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the only way to access the subconscious mind as hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious.uk bumble bee bouncer

Many people want their life to improve, without changing themselves. It won’t work that way! With hypnosis you’ll be able to control your subconscious mind which houses your cognitive maps, which in turn direct your behavior… automatically! You’ll be spending less time reacting to situations and fixing things that were brought about by either poor choices or procrastination – or both.

Long term behavioral change cannot be achieved with willpower, discipline, resolutions or good intentions. Any real behavioral change can only take place in the subconscious mind. That’s why self help books and such, which certainly won’t hurt you, have proven to have limited positive effect; they are trying to make the changes in the conscious mind.

The same behavior always yields the same results. No exceptions. Some people come to lose weight, but what they do, is to continue on their same old maintenance diet that they have for years. Their weight won’t come off and their life won’t improve until they change their behavior.

An individual has just come back from a motivational seminar. “He or she is all fired up.” They may even go out and spend some of their new prosperity that they haven’t actually earned or received yet. Three weeks later and things are just about as they were before the seminar. How can that be? They wanted the results to improve… without changing their behavio

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