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Cutting back doesn’t work!

Cutting back doesn’t work!

I am a practicing hypnotherapist in Atlanta, Georgia. A great portion of my hypnosis practice here in Atlanta is weight loss. Many people that have came to see me over the years have previously attempted to lose weight by  trying to cut back on what they eat. They’ve done this on a daily or weekly basis for years. Why doesn’t just cutting back work?

Our body is not designed to reflect hourly, overnight or even three or four day differentials in diet so the results that one sees if any, are minimal. People think “what’s the use” then give up and try cutting back a few days later with the same lack of positive results. In order for our body to survive it wants to maintain a status quo so that it doesn’t stress itself over when or if we will get our next meal, such as cave man and other early varieties of man would certainly have done. It was not until a few hundred years ago that man had the luxury of being able to eat “three squares” a day. And it was not until relatively recent times that “junk” food became available at gas stations and fast food stores and virtually everywhere that enabled him to snack or “graze” almost continually.

Many of the people that come to see me for losing weight though hypnosis in Atlanta, Georgia are what I have called compensatory dieters. What does that term compensatory dieter mean? It means that they cut back what they eat and/or how much they eat for a meal or two, or exercise and then rationalize to themselves, that since they’ve “cut back” or exercised they should be able to have a little more of this or a little more of that. They are rationalizing. According to Dr. Gregory House from the popular TV series House, rationalizing means lying to one’s self.

In the cognitive maps found in the subconscious mind, are many, many cues that cause you to revert to your old eating habits. Some of these cues are emotional in nature and some are mechanical. Either way these cues keep one eating the way they are used to eating whether they go on some kind of diet or not. These maps being located in the subconscious mind can only be changed in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind, it is the only way that one can access their subconscious to change these cues. Diets don’t work. You would really have to think long and hard to recall anyone that has lost an appreciable amount of weight and kept if off for two years. Why? Because these people revert to their previous eating habits as the old cues in their cognitive maps are still in place. Using  hypnosis for weight loss will enable one to move past the old eating cues and replace them with new eating cues. Once the old cues are replaced with new cues, you will begin to eat in a manner that will keep you thin intuitively!

Cutting back is a mindset that doesn’t work for weight loss. Why? Well let’s say that you wanted to take a boat from one side of the Chattahoochee River to the other, if you placed one foot in the boat and left one foot on the river bank, no part of you would make it to the other side! In using hypnotherapy for weight loss one must incorporate the concept of commitment. Put both feet in the boat! That’s commitment! Are you really serious and committed to losing weight? If you are, contact Bob Crow at 404.277.1827  or bob@bobcrowhypnosis.com

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