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Men’s Health/ ED

Confidence plays such a huge role in a man’s ability to perform sexually that there’s no way to underestimate it. Hypnosis improves confidence in a relatively short period of time.  A teenager, absenting a severe emotional or medical problem, always will achieve an erection. Why? Because he knows he will. At this stage in his life, it’s never occurred to him that he won’t! Doubt and fear of failure, like the way a major league player feels when he slips into a batting slump, hasn’t taken root in the young man’s subconscious. It’s been written and stated repeatedly, the most important sexual organ is the mind. When a man initially is unable to perform, it can often be attributed to prescription drugs, medical problems, alcohol, stress finances, or a number of non medical issues. Most men measure their identity as a man with their ability to function as a man. A man that’s unable to perform sexually in a manner he feels he should, is an unhappy man.

A man’s subconscious is ruthless on him. His ego is fragile. The first time he couldn’t achieve or maintain an erection, it registered in his subconscious mind as “you can’t have an erection”. The subconscious didn’t assure him this was a onetime occurrence. It was stored in his subconscious as a humiliating sexual failure. As much as he wanted to, he was unable to perform as a man, and there was no way to fake it. He worries about what will  happen in the future? After this failure, he approaches his next sexual encounter with doubt, not selfassured. In my practice, I see people paralyzed by fear and doubt. Sales people. Athletes. People wanting to perform better in other ways. And here’s the hard and fast rule, what one visualizes in the subconscious, one gets, no more – no less. When he visualizes he won’t be able to have sex, he can’t and he won’t! There’s no way he can! His embarrassment from not getting an erection before, causes him to worry about it happening again, and this overwhelms and paralyzes him.

So what’s the big deal! Just visualize being able to perform, right? That’s easier said than done. Ever try to fall asleep? Can’t do it can you? The visualization and change in performance, can’t and won’t happen in the conscious mind with willpower and discipline. It must take place in the subconscious. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious. Without his self confidence restored, even Viagra and Cialis won’t help. If you think-that there might be a medical problem – see a urologist. If it’s not a medical condition, call Bob Crow for a complimentary confidential consultation404-277-1827

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