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If you don’t destroy your liver – you will live longer!

Most everyone wants to live longer. Today people talk about wellness and longevity. Can one be hypnotized to live a longer life? By and of itself – we don’t think so, but through hypnosis one can make and keep lifestyle choices that will greatly increase our odds of living longer and enjoying life.

Our liver is the ultimate filter. Without it or if it is not functioning properly our lives are less enjoyable, and we die quicker. When it’s called on to filter medications, high fructose sugars, fats, alcohol and cigarette smoke, we damage it, shortening our lives. Here are ways we abuse our liver.

When we talk about excessive drinking, we’re not talking about a glass of wine with a meal, but routinely I see people that consume two thirds to a bottle of wine every night! It’s nice to enjoy a beer on a hot summer day, but I see people that are drinking eight bottles of beer every night. I have advanced the premise for many years that if you drink enough to change the way that you feel – then you are drinking too much! The liver is burdened with the task of removing the alcohol.

Besides the excess calories – 500 calories per night in wine equals about three pounds weight gain a month! Eight beers a night will cause you to gain or not lose approximately twenty – yes that’s twenty pounds a month. In addition to the extra calories, alcohol greatly disturbs your metabolism. Our liver has to attempt to deal with this.

Let’s visit about fat consumption. High fructose sugars, red meats, simple carbohydrates and the quantity of these things that we consume are some of the most harmful culprits. Our liver has to deal with them.

Now let’s factor in the component of cigarette smoking. What’s in cigarette smoke that the liver has to filter out? Poison! When a person inhales the smoke into the mouth, throat, bronchial airways and lungs; the oxygen in their blood is replaced by carbon monoxide (a poison), formaldehyde (a poison), cyanide a poison) and arsenic (a poison). The liver has to deal with and attempt to remove these poisons.

(Part two to follow)

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