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Wow!  I did it!  A few simple diet rules and hypnosis and I lost 60 pounds in 5 months. Of course, I did exercise during this time but learning about why, what, and when we eat was critical for the success. Besides being “better looking”, I’m healthier, more fit, and have more energy. Most important is Dr. Crow taught me how to maintain this weight for the rest of my life.  Should have done this 20 years ago.  Thanks Dr. Crow for helping me to stop my yo-yo dieting.

Tennis Fanatic


Bob,  you might remember my name but just in case I was a patient of yours about a year and a half ago.  I struggled with anxiety, depression and a lack a sleep all brought on by my employment situation from the recession.

I want you  to know that today I am doing much better and I want to say thank you.  This year proves to be my best year in sales as I will reach 6 figures by this Friday’s pay check and plan on surpassing that in great stride over the next few months.

I also wanted to let you know that we are taking our girls to Disney next week and it feels nice to be able to say that we paid the trip off 45 days prior to departing.  And Except for the past few weeks I have been running 3 miles a day prior to going into work.



When I came to Dr. Crow a little over four months ago, I wanted to work on my self esteem. I had designed some products but found myself stalling out in marketing them. Bob listened to me carefully and then asked some probing questions to see what other things were affecting me.

That began a journey for self-improvement that has succeeded well beyond my expectations. I have lost 44 pounds, hitting my target weight. As a consequence, my blood pressure is perfect, and my joints feel great! My self-confidence has risen considerably, and I’m in control of my life.

This has taken hard work and diligence on my part, but hypnosis makes it so much easier! The beauty of Dr. Crow’s program is that you lose cravings, learn to focus on what you really want, and get an incredible boost in creativity.

Best of all, these are permanent changes
Jim Colton   Atlanta, GA


I weighed 235 pounds on my first visit with Bob Crow. Now I weigh 180! Bob enabled me to make the behavioral changes that gave me a new life. Following his guidance I not only lost the weight that had been haunting me for years, but my health is now great. Blood pressure problems are a thing of the past. My MD not only took me off the pressure meds, but reduced my insulin to 1/4 what it had been. I’m now fit and trim with ENERGY. My MD now sends patients to him for weight loss. Jim B, Atlanta


Went to Bob to stop smoking. Worked. Wife too. Then we got down to work. My whole life opened up. Then I sent my wayward 26 yr old prodigal son who had been struggling for 8 years. After 6 visits — what a transformation. Bob is intuitive, professional, skilled, great sense of humor and worth every penny. I would recommend him to anyone. —

Jp, successful 58 yr old business owner in Atlanta
Know the Why
I have known Bob for almost ten years and worked closely with him for the past 18 months. I have found
Bob to not only be incredibly insightful and in tune with my personal goals and motivations, but also my business goals and motivations.  It is a rare talent to work with someone who has skills in both these areas.  As a  successful entrepreneur for over 30 years I have had dozens of “Business Coaches” and several “Life Coaches” but rarely has one trusted individual been able to help me with the balance of personal and business challenges.  Finding balance between these two areas is something Bob has done a great job in helping me address.
Bob has shown an uncanny ability to uncover the “why” in what I do and who I am.  He has increased my confidence levels and helped me to be a better leader, a better manager, a better salesperson, a better husband and a better father.  I would unequivocally recommend Bob to any individual or business owner who wants to get better and improve.  We all get to a place in our lives or our careers that get on “cruise control” and things seem to be going along just fine.  However, there is more to life than that, and Bob has helped me find ways to be more efficient, more productive, more creative and more focused on reaching my business and personal goals, in less time than before.
Bob has helped numerous colleagues of mine as well as friends improve themselves, and I will continue to introduce Bob to people that I know want to get better and need some behavioral changes to get there.
Mike K., Atlanta
Life can be good
“I thought that I was doing fine in both my business and fine in my marriage. I started seeing Bob Crow this summer and I quickly discovered that I was barely getting by in both areas. Bob has worked wonders for me. He confronted me like a Dutch Uncle and has helped me to break through self-imposed barriers, be more creative and productive in my business, and be more considerate in my marriage. Wow! I had no idea what hypnotherapy could achieve. I am now telling all my friends about Bob Crow.”
PT, Atlanta

Bob helped me overcome an addiction that was ruining my life. No smoke, no mirrors, no tricks. I was skeptical at first but Bob Crow is absolutely the real thing!
– autoglo



He changed my life!! Incredible!!
I was the professional dieter, been on almost every diet known to man including Jenny Craig. I’d lose the weight but then gain it back. I knew how to diet, but I did not know how to keep it off. I’ve had a personal trainer, and I have a dietitian, but I needed some serious help. Bob is the real deal and what he does works!! He not only helped me to lose the weight, but I lost almost 30 inches, which I think is incredible. And the weight just keeps coming off. I am a healthier, happier person. It impacts not only me but my patients, my family, and my community. I am thankful to Bob for his support, and guidance. He was able to help me see the best in myself. Again, thanks Bob for all of your help!!



No Magic – Just Results!
I highly recommend Bob Crow. In just 3 weeks, my singing performance significantly improved. His performance coaching = RE$ULT$!!!
 Jazz Singer


Improved Sales Performance
Bob is incredibly insightful. Our sessions have resulted in an increased conversion rate, and an overall bigger bottom line. Thanks, Bob!


Improve your Golf
I have been an avid golfer for thirty years. I practice and play often, had had a number of quality lessons and read all the books and magazines. I play pretty well and have won several club competitions. However, each time I reach a certain level, I have run into barriers which prevent me to go to the next level. But golf is 90% mental. After a few sessions with Bob, I am breaking through those barriers and have more confidence than I have had in many years. My handicap is dropping each month. Thanks Bob
– JohnP


Weight Loss Success
When I first went to see Bob he couldn’t weigh me as his scales only went up to 400 pounds! Bob asked me what I wanted to weigh. I gave him an answer. He said” not what are you willing to settle for, what do you really want to weigh?” I told him thinking that he would laugh. He said” you might as well lose what you want to.” I did! That was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I recommend Bob without reservation.
– Johnrob


Clear focus and determination
My focus and determination have risen dramatically since I started my sessions with Bob Crow.  Many many years of negative programming of my cognitive maps needed reprogramming. I consider you a true friend. You told me what I needed to hear.  I was a first class procrastinator. I am following your direction and getting things done, I needed to see the fruition of my actions, and I have. Thanks for your help.” March 15, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
– Serranocomm


Highly recommended!
Because of the incredible pressure I’ve had in the last two years with the deterioration of the mortgage industry. I began to eat more. Not at meal time only, but snacking on the junk food all day long. The result was I gained 17 pounds in one year. Through Bob’s guidance, I have not only lost that 17 pounds but an additional seven as well! I would highly recommend Bob to anyone including those with “strong” personalities that think hypnosiswon’t work for them.
– JefferyD


This is great!
I started getting anxious about 2 years ago. I was anxious about my job, my finances and my marriage. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night and I spent most days feeling like jumping out of my skin. A friend referred me to Bob; she had gone to Bob to lose weight and was very enthusiastic about the results. I figured what did I have to lose? This worked incredibly well for me. After the first session I could tell a major difference and it just got better from there. I highly recommend Bob’s services. He is highly skilled in hypnosis and very intuitive as well. Thanks Bob!!
– lindach

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