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A weight loss diet that doesn’t utilize behavioral change, is doomed to fail!

Many that want to lose their excess weight, think that they can lose it without making behavioral change. Wrong! Since their old behavior allowed them to become heavy, they must make permanent behavioral change or they’ll continue to regain and to be overweight. An overweight person’s behavior allows them to gain three to seven pounds a year, year after year until they are seriously heavy. The behavior that allowed them to become overweight must be changed, if they desire permanent weight loss! Conventional weight loss diets only allow one to lose weight temporarily.

I’m Bob Crow. I’m a behavioral therapist that utilizes hypnosis in my weight loss practice in Atlanta, Georgia. The crux of my program is true behavioral change. Anything else is just another conventional weight loss diet. Doomed to fail. Some cost more than others because they market better, but the theme is the same – you can lose weight effortlessly with this pill or with that diet.

Many are more interested in how easy or effortlessly the program promises to be rather than doing what it takes to lose and stay thin and healthy. One weight loss “system” touts that you can continue to eat “pasta, pizza and pot roast” – and then they show a woman with a very flat stomach that obviously does not eat “pasta, pizza and pot roast”. In the Atlanta market we continually hear radio or TV personalities touting a weight loss program that they are using. Only they are needing to go back on the program again and again because they gained their weight back on a vacation or a trip to Hawaii or through the holidays.  They’re promoting the same program that they used last year, the year before and the year before that. Obviously those programs aren’t about “permanent” weight loss.

And to those individuals whose primary motivation is only event driven weight loss – like to be able to fit into a wedding dress, a formal gown or a sport coat, and then as soon as the event is over, to return to their old eating habits again – I can only say to them “don’t settle for that, you can lose that excess weight and keep it off”. Otherwise they will yo yo throughout their life going from what promises to be one quick fix weight loss fix after another. Like “only eat such and such foods together”. Or “try the Akron or Peoria” diets. (joke). Or “don’t eat foods that begin with the letter ___ on Mondays and Thursday.” Or this pill will burn off fat… effortlessly while you sleep.

We utilize hypnosis in a number of ways to enable an individual to make permanent behavioral change in our weight loss program. If through hypnosis you no longer want to eat certain foods. There’s no downside is there?

Our program is like nothing you’ve ever done before. If you’ve given up. If you want to lose weight, not be hungry, not crave certain food and keep the  weight off permanently –  and not just look okay for the high school reunion, I invite you to call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary consultation.

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