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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

 Hypnosis helps people lose weight and keep it off permanently so if you are tired of not liking the way you look hypnosis can help you.

Tired of always wearing black? Tired of not being able to wear the clothes you want, by dressing to cover up excess weight? Tired of continually dieting? Tired of being excited over and trying the newest diet, only to find it didn’t work either? Tired of gaining your excess weight back again and again?  If you are sick and tired of all of it, now is the time to do something new.

To lose weight permanently is the goal.  Hypnosis helps by connecting to the subconscious or feeling part of your mind.  By changing your thoughts and feelings about food you are able to lose excess weight much more easily and effectively.  Best of all using hypnosis you make the change permanent.

I have helped thousands of people using  hypnosis for weight loss at my practice in Atlanta Georgia. These people have all been trying to lose weight for some time. The problem is that they’ve been trying to lose weight through willpower and discipline in their conscious mind. But they need to make permanent behavioral change, and that can’t be done in the conscious mind. Permanent behavioral change can only occur in the alpha and theta modes in the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis for weight loss will help you to lose weight permanently.

Also, there are certain foods that will make you heavy. These foods make you continue to want to eat. These foods for the most part are known as simple carbohydrates they are what we call “trigger foods” You can’t lose weight permanently and continue to eat them. Period.

With hypnosis we will take away your desire for these trigger foods, so that you can change your behavior more easily.

Call me now and learn about my weight loss programs. The consultation is free.  Now is the time 404-277-1827

There are also some weight loss diet defeaters that will be dealt with. They are:

Absent minded eating.

Celebratory eating.

Compensatory eating.

Over eating while under the influence.

Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Have you ever eaten absentmindedly?

  • While on the phone, you were eating potato chips. You finished the call only to discover that you had eaten the whole bag!
  • A relationship went in the hopper. While being upset about it and talking to a friend, you ate a whole container of cookie dough.
  • You didn’t eat lunch. When you got home you felt awful. You ate cheese and crackers before dinner. By the time you realized what you had done, you’d eaten a tube of crackers and a pound of cheese!

Sound familiar? No one overeats because they’re hungry. People over eat when they’re upset, worried, bored, depressed, anxious, angry, hurting, excited, tired, or even happy! Absent minded eating occurs when one is distracted by a problem, or an emotional occurrence or have allowed their energy level to drop by not eating. Absent minded eating sabotages your weight loss efforts as much as deliberately eating too much. You don’t realize what you did until after the fact. Watch for signs of a mood shift or energy drop.

Alcohol. I occasionally enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner, and I’ll nurse one glass all night long! But alcohol makes weight loss next to impossible. One of the worst effects alcohol has is that it’s all sugar. Your body will metabolize the alcohol first, not your excess body fat!

I tell people I see with alcohol abuse problems, they won’t have the fifth or sixth drink unless they have the first. It is not news to anyone reading this blog that alcohol impairs judgment, but you won’t know or believe your judgment’s been impaired. Would you fly on an airliner if a pilot had been drinking? How about a surgeon operating on you that’s been drinking?

A person who wants to lose weight goes out to eat with friends. At that point the overweight person is barely in control.  He or she knows what foods they should order to eat. The waiter arrives with the drinks, now keep in mind, we aren’t talking about getting drunk. But by the time the drink is half gone, so are most of the inhibitions as well.  With the second drink what’s left of good judgment is history. The person rationalizes “these drinks won’t hurt”, “this meal won’t matter”, “I’ve had a rough day”, “this is my birthday” or “I’ll get back on my diet tomorrow!” Are these reasons or excuses?

Alcohol and weekends will sabotage your weight loss. You’ve been good all week and been eating 800 to 1000 calories a day, but you’ll destroy that deficit and then some in one Friday night.  What’s more important to you, to lose excess fat and keep it off, or to drink? Not drinking for awhile will give you a huge advantage. It’s easy enough to lose track of what and how much you’re eating when you’ve had no alcohol, let alone when you drink.

  • One glass of wine a day will equal a one pound weight gain a month.
  • One vodka tonic a day will equal a three pound weight gain a month.
  • One martini per day will equal a nine pound weight gain a month.

Hypnosis will not only enable you to lose the unwanted fat, but you will be able to live a life free of the guilt caused by eating the wrong things, and you will not be continually preoccupied by what to eat in order to stay on your weight loss and maintenance program. If you are really serious about losing weight and keeping it off forever, call Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 for a complimentary consultation. No gimmicks – just weight loss.

How many more times are you going
to attempt to lose your excess weight and
keep it off with discipline, diets and
willpower alone? Hypnosis works!

Lose the weight and keep it off with power of hypnosis!

Cutting back doesn’t work!

I am a practicing hypnotherapist in Atlanta, Georgia. A great portion of my hypnosis practice here in Atlanta is weight loss. Many people that have came to see me over the years have previously attempted to lose weight by  trying to cut back on what they eat. They’ve done this on a daily or weekly basis for years. Why doesn’t just cutting back work?

Our body is not designed to reflect hourly, overnight or even three or four day differentials in diet so the results that one sees if any, are minimal. People think “what’s the use” then give up and try cutting back a few days later with the same lack of positive results. In order for our body to survive it wants to maintain a status quo so that it doesn’t stress itself over when or if we will get our next meal, such as cave man and other early varieties of man would certainly have done. It was not until a few hundred years ago that man had the luxury of being able to eat “three squares” a day. And it was not until relatively recent times that “junk” food became available at gas stations and fast food stores and virtually everywhere that enabled him to snack or “graze” almost continually.

Many of the people that come to see me for losing weight though hypnosis in Atlanta, Georgia are what I have called compensatory dieters. What does that term compensatory dieter mean? It means that they cut back what they eat and/or how much they eat for a meal or two, or exercise and then rationalize to themselves, that since they’ve “cut back” or exercised they should be able to have a little more of this or a little more of that. They are rationalizing. According to Dr. Gregory House from the popular TV series House,rationalizing means lying to one’s self.

In the cognitive maps found in the subconscious mind, are many, many cues that cause you to revert to your old eating habits. Some of these cues are emotional in nature and some are mechanical. Either way these cues keep one eating the way they are used to eating whether they go on some kind of diet or not. These maps being located in the subconscious mind can only be changed in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind, it is the only way that one can access their subconscious to change these cues. Diets don’t work. You would really have to think long and hard to recall anyone that has lost an appreciable amount of weight and kept if off for two years. Why? Because these people revert to their previous eating habits as the old cues in their cognitive maps are still in place. Using  hypnosis for weight loss will enable one to move past the old eating cues and replace them with new eating cues. Once the old cues are replaced with new cues, you will begin to eat in a manner that will keep you thin intuitively!

Cutting back is a mindset that doesn’t work for weight loss. Why? Well let’s say that you wanted to take a boat from one side of the Chattahoochee River to the other, if you placed one foot in the boat and left one foot on the river bank, no part of you would make it to the other side! In using hypnotherapy for weight loss you must commit. Put both feet in the boat! That’s commitment! Are you really serious and committed to losing weight? If you are, contact Bob Crow at 404.277.1827 .

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